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Summary: Earth, 3015 A.D., humankind over populated, government corrupt. Enter 'The Race' a ploy by the government to reduce the population with each annual event. The winner becomes one of the wealthiest people alive, and the losers perish- you fight or you die.

Trials of Fortuity – The Race
Chapter One - How To Play

"The 34th Annual 'Trials of Fortuity' is proud to announce that it's sixteenth and second-to-the-last carrier leaves in 23 minutes and 42 seconds. I will state the rules once again, for the contestants who have arrived late, for the live audience, and for the spectators back home. I'm delighted to announce that the rules have not changed since our first run. Rule number one: Use any means necessary to win; rule number two: be prepared to forfeit your life; rule number three, trust no one; rule number four: never let your guard down and be prepared for anything; rule number five: you are allowed any single weapon of your choosing; rule number six: believe in nothing but yourself and what ever god your religion is based around, if any. Remember anyone can apply, as long as you are prepared to follow the rules set and can hand in your form before the sign-up desk is closed, in the next 5 seconds. Please, if you have no intention of applying, or have not already done so, leave the premises at once.

To all other contestants that remain: good luck and may what ever higher powers that exist smile kindly down upon you." The elderly gentleman bowed next to the microphone, his white hair combed back, his glasses shinning in an almost sinister manner. He wore an expensive gold-colored jacket, over a red and gold high-collared shirt, with matching pants, and black boots that were shinning under the stage lights. He stood back up and gracefully walked off the marble stage and out of sight. A young girl stood in the crowd glaring at the stage, before turning on her heel and heading towards the closed gate that lead to the carrier, pushing though the sea of people and placing her hands against the cold, black steel. She was about 5'4", and looked in her mid-teens with short blonde hair, which came down to her chin and covered her left eye, sparkling blue eyes, and sickly pale skin. She wore a simple silver chain around her neck, a gray tank top which emphasized her ever-so-small bosom, a metal yo-yo wrapped around her right forearm, a purple skirt which only came down to her mid-thigh, she had long stick-like pale legs, black hiking boots and a black belt around her hips, serving no purpose other than to be there. She had a relatively pretty face, but nothing too out-of-the-ordinary.

She looked up at the floating crystal clock high above the gates just as it struck 12 o'clock, and the gates were swung open. Suddenly she found herself caught in the flood of people that rushed through the gate. She struggled to get to one of the cars and out of the crowd, but found herself trapped, only able to go with the stampede in hopes of not getting trampled. She felt herself forced onto one of the cars and thrown into someone before more people packed in around them. She felt not unlike a sardine; there was no room to move and it was slowly getting harder to breathe with all the people so close together in such a small space. The temperature was slowly rising which added to the suffocating atmosphere. She felt the car lurch into motion, and her vision start to blur. She shook her head slightly and tried to keep her eyes focused, which was slowly becoming harder as the air became thicker and warmer. She felt a wave of dizziness wash over her and her knees gave out.

She experienced a brief sensation of falling, but never hit the ground, an arm shooting out and pulling her towards the opened window. She sighed as the cool air whipped through her hair, effectively cooling her, and allowing her to regain rational thought. Only then did she realize that she was leaning against an obviously male frame, however petite it may seem. She blushed slightly and pulled back away from him and averted her eyes, tucking a few strands of flaxen hair behind her ear. "Sorry…"

"It's quite alright." She looked up as she heard a small laugh, only to have embarrassed blue meet inhuman violet. "Do you feel any better, miss?"

She looked over the boy, he appeared to be about 5'3", seemingly only a year or two younger than herself, or maybe the same age, she wasn't sure. He had skin the color of milk, unusual light blue hair, which hung lifelessly around his face and neck, and beautiful, but completely inhuman, violet eyes, with the smallest red ring around the pupil. He wore a long gray coat that came to his knees with a black belt wrapped around the left sleeve, an olive-green shirt, tan pants with a belt wrapped around his hips, held up by a single belt-loop on his pants and two other belts wrapped tightly around his leg, one about an inch above and below his right knee, followed by dark boots. She couldn't help but smile, "Yes, very much so, thank you.." She leaned back towards the window, effectively pressing him between her body and the wall, and positioning her mouth next to his ear, "…By the way, I love the coat."

She laughed as he stiffened and shifted uncomfortably, averting his gaze, amused at how easily their positions were switched. She fingered the belt around his sleeve lightly, causing him to raise an eyebrow at her antics. This caused her to sigh and rest her forehead back against the window's cool glass, idly looking out. She discovered, with little excitement, that the carrier was held up by a single metal strip, hundreds of feet above the ground. She felt her stomach do a 180, before looking at the mountain-island they were currently headed towards. It too was in the air, however it was floating truly floating, but appeared to be completely made of stone.

Her mind was brought back to herself by the sound of glass shattering and the man next to her screaming before slumping against the person in front of him before sinking to the floor. The car went dead silent before screams erupted and everyone began to panic. They tried to run, but had nowhere to go. The girl quickly wrapped her arms around the boy and pulled him down, twisting so his body was away from the wall, and her back was pressed against it, shielding him from any arrows that might come through the wall. Just as she got to the floor, a barrage of arrows flew in through the window, causing people to scream even louder, either in agony or fear, and either collapse or try to get further away before they were struck as well. It was slaughter, simply slaughter. She was vaguely surprised that the arrows only came through the windows, and not shot through the walls. Soon the sound lessened quickly, and before five minutes was up it was once again dead silent.

Too silent. She looked down at the boy only to find his eyes wide, tears forming in their corners, his mouth open slightly. She sighed and hugged him to her, before glancing around at the dead bodies strewn over the car floor. She released him and placed her hand up where the window had been, waving it around, testing. When nothing happened, she stood up, pushing one of the bodies off of her shoulder. She looked down at the boy and placed a hand on his shoulder before looking out the window, "Hey, kid..we just survived level one, you should be happy."

"How can I be happy when all these people just lost their lives?!" His tone caused her to jump slightly and she turned around and looked out the hole where the window had once been.

"They knew what could and most likely would happen when they signed up for it. But its our job, as the survivors to keep going for as long as we possibly can…" She smiled weakly as he looked up at her. She held out her hand to him, "C'mon we should get ready for level two."

The boy took her hand and she pulled him up, seeing a short sword sheathed at his waist, she quickly took it, him apparently not noticing. She turned and hid it under her shirt, looking out the hole that had been the window. She shook her head and stuck her head out.

"What's wrong?"

"I…I cant find the track…..oh hell…" Her eyes widened upon the realization that the track simply ended in the middle of the air, about 50 feet from a cliff, so the carrier would crash into it on its way down. She grabbed his hand once again and climbed up onto the windowsill. "The track ends.. we're going to have to jump…" He simply stared at her before quietly scolding her "You're insane."

"I suppose, but hey, you gotta be to even enter this race." She smiled, "Now come with me, or would you prefer death?" She let go of his hand and pulled herself onto the roof. She rolled over and let her hand down by the window. When he didn't take it she sighed, "Oh come on! I'm not that bad! …Am I?" A sudden voice by her ear caused her to squeak and roll over, "No you're not, I guess." The boy was kneeling next to her, grinning.

"Do you really have to guess?" She pouted and stood up before beginning to move towards the front of the carrier. He walked behind her until they got to the very edge, when he moved next to her. "Ever gone sky diving?"

He looked over at her and smiled before he answered, "Nope, but I've always wanted to try." He looked down as he felt her hand grip his, before the carrier lurched forward and began its rapid decent towards the cliff face. They jumped.

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