Your Shame

Held back by your words,
Left to drown in shame,
Although this shame isn't meant for me,
You just like to play games

You made me shameful
Though it is you who should be ashamed
You are the person
Who shall remain unnamed.

Why can't you love me
Even for one single day?
How can you be ashamed of me
In so many ways?

Well I have forgotten about you
And your dirty little tricks too

So go crawl back
Into that deep, dark hole
That you came from
Someday I might come
To find you when you are true
But now, you must leave.
I just can't believeā€¦

But you are no longer
Going to keep me down

You are no longer
Going to make my heart bleed

You are no longer
Going to hurt me

And most of all
You will no longer

Make me shameful