Riding hard against the night,

Challenging Darkness' might.

He does not know fear

His heart is true, and his deeds pure.

Someday, a bard will sing tales of this day.

He is known as Lightbringer

The name which darkness fears.

His tale does not start here.

It starts long ago…..

It starts, with an end.

Book One of the Hero's Chronicle

The Lightbringer Jonathan J.W MacKay

Centuries ago, Man ruled over a great empire, held together by honour and courage and ruled with wisdom and compassion. But then the Darkness came, and with them, The Ler'dac. The hearts of men crumbled with their empire. Now, Man possesses only a shadow of hope, as they toil as slaves for their Ler'dac oppressors. But, with the fall of the empire, a prophecy was given. This prophecy has been a source of hope to the enslaved man, and a source of fear for the Ler'dac.

In darkness lays,

The heart of men,

Of light, there is none.

One will come,

Of humble roots,

To restore the lost,

And build the new.

This alone gives the oppressors little to fear, but there is more to the prophecy. This portion gives them their fear, and it is for this portion that they are so cruel to their slaves, punishing them to near death for the simplest of errors.




Hidden in your heart,

Lies Power.

Harness it,

And free your brother.

It is here, that our story began………

- Calas Myrij, The Sage