My First Crush

I always should have know

That when I spotted you

Amidst the crowd and hustle

My life would change


And at that wonderful time

When my eyes first met yours

Hatred was a commonplace

That I

Had often visited

Revenge was what I craved

From every person in my world

But after I met you

My hatred

Turned to love

I forgot the endless pain

And all the horrible torment

And in their place

I found kindness

From your beautiful brown eyes

Oh, how I remember

Those soft, gentle eyes

And your chocolate colored hair

That curled lazily

Around your neck

And dear God that precious smile of yours

How could I forget it?

It was so kind and full of sunshine

That beamed heavenly

Upon me

And your voice was like a whisper

Flowing freely through the wind

Every time I heard you speak

I fell in love

With the air itself

I made so many excuses

Just to be with you

Helping you clean and cook

All the while


I daydreamed of your smile

And your soft pink lips

Never ever touching mine

But still

So beautiful

I remember so vividly

How much I wanted you

To be the one I called my own

But always another memory

Would appear in my mind

You were six years older

Then my own twelve

You could never love me

For I was too young

For you

But no matter how important

That memory seemed to me

I would still dream of you


You were mine

But you could never return my feelings

No matter how hard I tried

To be smart

And sophisticated

You knew me better then that

You never looked at me

The way I looked at you

With love in my eyes

And a deep, solid


My friends all laughed

At my so obvious infatuation

"He's too old!"

"He's too mature!"

I did not care either way

Dreaming of your eyes

Your scent and smile

Was good enough for me

Because all I ever needed

Was you and only you

But then one fateful summer

A terrible darkness came upon me

And I discovered quickly

That everyone

Was moving

My sister's friends

My friends

They were all leaving

But not you however

Your family was staying

I didn't want to leave

And never see you again

You were so important

How could I ever

Turn you away?

But in the end

We said our goodbyes'

And looking one last time

I saw my love and life


And now five years have passed

Without a gaze upon your face

A look at your smile

A swoon

At your voice

But all the while

I have been here

And experienced new things

I remember

From long ago

That I was so in love

With my first crush

My beloved

And everything

May we one day meet again