I may not be who you wanted
I may have changed my ways
I am sorry if it confuses you
But these aren't the golden days

I treated you as a queen once
I gave you all I had
But you took it all in a bundle
You left me lying sad

I didn't put a wall up
I made myself survive
If it wasn't for my changing
I wouldn't be alive

You say this is punishment
You've never been so wrong
This is just how I changed
The way I kept myself strong

Believe what you want
Wish as you might
It isn't my choice
That everyday we have a fight

I am sorry you think I am angry
This gift I can not send
The side of me you loved
Met his final end

I will never go back to being the same
That wound was too deep
Even if your confusion hinders
That side will always remain asleep

I am sorry that you suffer
Though the cup has been filled
But that side of me is gone
That side that you killed