Breaking Up!!!

Sitting a lone not knowing what to do.
Should I really break up with you?
My heads so mixed up and in such a daze.
I'm living my life through this clouded haze.
So many people have sad you're no good.
That all you'll do is hurt me through and through.
This pain I'm feeling is so bloody unreal.
All caused by you and I don't know how to deal.
Four month anniversary eleventh of the month it was.
I can't believe we've held out this long.
I thought it'd be a week and all would be wrong.
I guess love helped us through.
But sometimes I think should I really have met you?
My life is so fucked up beyond belief.
I really don't know if I can continue on with this grief.
The hurt you deal feels ten times more real.
Not even my blade can make real that deal.
So the question I ask myself is quite frankly this.
Should I break up with you or continue on like this?

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