Her Suicide

Yesterday, Saturday night I nearly took my life.
The pain was too great and I needed some peace.
I went to the kitchen and grabbed the nearest knife.
Not caring who saw or even about my own mental fight.
So I took it to my room, ready to make peace.
I started slashing my legs as the blood ran to my feet.
I sat there with tears building in my eyes.
Waiting for the darkness to grab me, waiting for me to die.
I wiped my bloody legs, crimson all over my hands.
As I slowly grabbed for my knife and cut those bloody palms.
The skin slashed open for everyone to see, but no one really noticed me.
As I moved to my lower arms, always ready to cause harm.
I slashed them down, with never-ending blood a flow.
Ready for the pain to leave, just go.
So I sat there and wept, for my life that never was.
I slowly slipped into darkness, waiting to see so-called God…
My eyes flashed open as the sunlight intensely burns.
There's no blood around me only a face filled with hurt.
So he finally says "Hello, my darling".
She just looked and said "Goodbye, my dear".
Her monitor went flat, as she had a smile on her face.
She was right, suicide, would be her ultimate fate.
So here I stand at her graveside sad.
Putting her favourite flower, saying a final goodbye.
I wish she had stayed, I wish she never died.
So I shed my final tear and kiss one last time.
Say I'm forever sorry; I love you and see you on the other side.

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