by: trista groulx

I did it all for you
Cause I thought you felt it too
Thought you, too were, forever alone
So I thought and thought of how to show
To show you I wanted something more
So I did and said so much
That I can never take back
And I don't think I ever would
Not that I could
Cause I didn't know you didn't feel it too
I know you said it more then twice
Thought that you, too, had lost all the was good in your life
And how the highest power knows I feel the same
So I thought and I thought
Wanted to prove I would not leave like the rest
But my tries had an opposite effect
Cause you don't know why you said it
You lie and say it never happened
And you don't know how it feels
So can you forgive me for that?
For giving what I thought you needed?
Even though I was horribly wrong!
I wasn't acting like that free spirit
I wasn't acting like who you fell in love with
Cause I thought I would push you away
But the new me did just that, my biggest fear
And now I'll wish on every star for a second chance
Cause I don't want to be forever alone
And it may have the same result
This second chance that I so wish
But I know I want to take that risk
That's why I'm trying this right now
Trying not to talk to you for a while
But not succeeding so well
Cause it's killing me inside
Just want a fresh new start
After you've had your time to think
While we slay our demons alone