Lost it all
by: trista groulx

I thought we were kindred spirits
Thinking we were both doomed to be forever alone
I heard you tell me more then once
"I've lost everything good in my life"
Just the way I felt so long
So I pushed to show I'd stay near
So I'm still pushing to say I'll stay
I know what I heard
Why would you lie?
You said more then once
How was it dishonest?
I understand being alone
And I didn't want the same fate for you
But in trying too hard for that
I pushed you away
And you don't remember the words
"I've lost everything good in my life"
Cause those words were my motivation
To get past the pills and feelings
To get past the darkness
Just to show you it could be overcome
That we would do it together
But since it wasn't honest
It pushed you away
And Idon't want to let go
Cause I showed you the other side of me
Cause I thought you had that side too
But I can try and be the strong one again
If you've never felt forever alone
If that's what it takes
I'll offer you a second chance
An offer I've never made before
Even when it's all in vain