The Two

Both hunted, both slaughtered by misguided promises of rewards. The lone hunter now becomes one of the hunted.

A Being used to loneliness is now joined by a Wanderer. Grasping at hope, they run at matching speeds through the rough terrain- only to discover they cannot be, but instead choose to see it in a different light. One finds peace, the other is still tangled in turmoil, though it has relented its struggling for a time, finding solace in the steady presence of one so misunderstood.

The White Stag, revered for its rare beauty and great rewards, only wants the chase to give way, and finally know the peace of being stationary. Surrounded by his long-lost snow, the Wolf patiently waits as the White Stag continues to flee from its demons. The setting sun casts shadows over the two, the darker half covering the White Stag but the brightness still penetrates through; encouraging the Stag to keep its speed.

Stopping for a moment or two to gain its bearings; the White Stag relents a little, pausing for the guidance of the Faol, who has finally found peace for its wandering heart. They commiserate together, the Stag gaining new understanding, the Wolf considering things from a new perspective; both grateful for the other's presence on this journey to the unknown.

A journey that is complete for one, just beginning for the other- The Faol has finally become the Faoltigherna, while the White Stag still runs...