One's own dose of medicine is one's own cure to change its way before it takes over; Shall thy commence on their spirit while it rest in their hands; whose some other has changed while the chosenare trying their best to fight it; wondering can you be truly be free from this unpredictable evil; knowing this is a personal battle within; seeing bloody wars go on for era's without blinking; feeling one's inner self war inner most pain; hearing last cry of evil before the last hour; thinking can you truly defeat this evil before it defeats you; making this effort worth everything you ever felt emotionally; healing the goodness within your soul; evilness is in all of us no matter what kind it is;goodness fights back till it succeeds; will this experience help you in a good way or evil way; evil as being immature-un-understanding-jealousy-freaking out; good as being mature-understanding-warm hearted- and caring; shall you help evil thy can't know the future that it will behold; shall you help good thy shall know what true happiness lays await in the future; this love will always get stronger as each second goes by