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I have discovered something truly amazing, this could very well be the only chronicling of intelligent life outside of our own planet. This is the story of subject Beta, a boy with a mysterious past and a shrouded future. But the story does not start with Beta; instead it starts with the shadow god Taltsune.

This is another feat. The evidence of higher beings shows that evolution for humans is not only possible but also definite, but I digress. According to information I found in ruins this is how Taltsune came to be in his current situation... "Thus Taltsune was sealed in the holy infinite for crimes unimaginable. The Gods, in their all knowing have reason to fear him. His crimes were of corruption that knew no bounds. To prevent his reemergence into the world of Nevus the seal was shattered then scattered to the far corners of the Planet. May the Gods have mercy on those who unleash his wrath…" In a moment of arrogance I informed what I thought was the authorities of my discovery, but were instead just corrupt Nevusians, more precisely the Celesta Company. Last I heard, they were using the shards of the seal in experiments, namely in the Project code named Omega. I have tracked down the subject Beta two years after his escape. Should he unleash the God residing in him all will be lost to its wrath. I can only watch and send warning. May the people of this planet forgive me…

- Professor Carl Anonn

Chapter 1

The KO tournament

It was a busy day in the city of Pontera, for today was the first of the two-day KO tournament. People all over the continent of Midgard came just to see the fights that would soon take place. This was a brief Valhalla for most of the warriors; they could fight to their heart's content without worry of consequences. Death in a match was impossible, Pontera, being Midgar's capital had access to the best mages available. These mages could heal all wounds, and even steal back one of death's appointments; no matter the damage done, nothing was ever fatal. But, our story does not begin in this bustling town; instead it begins just outside of it. Laying in a meadow just outside of Pontera was a boy, just barely fifteen.

The boy lay in the meadow unaware of the wolf-like monstrosity stalking him. His hat was covering his face as he lay with his arms crossed under his head. His orange vest made a slight noise as it brushed against his denim jeans. His light blue shirt was odd because on it was a strange symbol, like a black square with black horns. This insignia had a yellow oval on the left side of it that resembled an eye. This was not just any insignia; it resembled the Shadow God Taltsune. This was not the only trace of the God on the boy; a key chain hanging out of his pocket had a charm attached matching the insignia on his shirt.

The beast stalking the boy was now in a leap's length of him, it was sniffing the air. Trying to sense if he was alive. On the boy's charm the yellow eye glowed, and a voice seemed to resonate out of it; a voice only the boy could hear.

"How long do you plan on laying there boy?" The charm hissed in an aggravated tone.

"Depends." He replied, his response startled the beast.

"I need you alive boy."

The beast regained its bearings

I have a name Taltsune. The boy mentally replied to the charm

It started its charge at the boy

"Oh, ask me if I care."

The beast was in the air, just a foot away. Its massive fangs were very noticeable with its mouth agape. The boy rolled swiftly out of the way and pulled his sword out of the ground and promptly slammed it on the beast's head, killing it instantly. He looked at the indent the sword left in the beast's skull and chuckled to himself.

"What, may I inquire, is so funny?"

This slab of steel is good for something after all.

It was admirable and pitiful at the same time; his remark about his sword was anything but inaccurate. Jetting out of the hilt the boy held in his hand was literally a giant slab of metal. This is a considerably heavy weapon and is strange in itself, but what is odd is that the "sword" has a crevasse in it that is shaped like the Taltsune charm. One could only guess what the crevasse was for… As the boy was just about to really think about this, a familiar voice demanded his attention.

"Rick! You idiot! I thought you were going to be eaten!" the girl took a moment to regain her composure. Her normally pale complexion was now flushed, and her over-excited voice was completely abstract to her normal mannerism.

"Ugh. Here comes the speech." Groaned Taltsune.

Ditto. Replied Rick searching for a way out of the worsening situation.

The pale girl finally got worked up into a small rage; this caused her silver, shoulder length hair to rise. Her eyes turned red and she muttered something under her breath; then she calmed herself, adjusted her leather cloak and headed for the city. Rick was speechless, no speech? No wallop over the head? Hazel just let him off like that?

"Huh, must have got lucky I guess." Rick proclaimed hoping he wouldn't jinx it. Suddenly, a growling noise was heard behind him.

"Ya jinxed it… moron." The charm hissed. Rick turned around only to stare into the face of a beast given new life, courtesy of Hazel.


The KO tournament was to be held in the coliseum, for some this tournament was life, period. Akira was one of these people, orphaned at seven she learned early on that she needed to be tough to survive. That was nearing on seven and a half years ago. She was a regular in the tournament and well known for her strength and speed, Akira was runner-up last year so according to regulation she had to pay, or give something valuable for collateral. She was a poor orphan who hardly had enough money for food, but she couldn't give up her necklace. Her necklace was more like a piece of armor, thick and gray. But, it was the only thing she had to remember her parents by.

I can't give this up to collateral she thought to herself This is the only thing I have left from my parents She took out her money and held it out to the registrator. The man took the money and instructed her to sign her name. Oh well, guess I can't lose now…or no food for a month. She mentally prepared herself for the worse; if she won she'd get the cash prize of two thousand GP (GP is Nevus' major currency) she could live like a queen with that kind of money! She put her hand on the emerald jewel on the center of her necklace and grinned. Besides, She thought with a hint of over confidence now that I fully understand this keepsake, I'm sure to win. She turned to leave but instead smacked heads with a boy in a backward hat.

"Hey! Try paying attention" Taltsune hissed furiously Rick ignored the charm and got up off the ground. He approached the girl and held out his hand to help her up.

"Sorry about that, miss…?"

"What are you doing!? Don't you dare apologize to that wench!" Taltsune protested, "We had the right away!!" his protest was in vain, over the years Rick developed an immunity to Taltsune's searing headaches. Akira got up by herself, ignoring Rick's attempt to help.

"Akira. And I'm fine, I don't need your help." She then dusted herself off and walked off.

"Yeah, so let's sign for that tournament… I've been itching' for a good fight."

Fine! Gods, just shut up you reject. Taltsune was working Rick's last nerve, and it was beginning to show on the outside. Rick's eyes went from a calm blue to a creepy yellow. His sister put her hand on his shoulder to calm him.

"Save it for the arena." She calmly stated, then walked to the registration table.

"Well boy, you ready for a fight? Or will I have to take over?" Taltsune loved the opportunity to take control of Rick and fight some battles, but it could only work if Rick allowed it.

"Dunno." Replied the boy, who was now lost in thought, "Depends."


Later on the participants were to meet in the coliseum, every one in the city showed up for the elimination round anxious to see the action they so craved. In a private booth, high above the stands stood the president of Celesta, the largest company on Nevus. You couldn't take two steps without seeing a Celesta product. He stood watching the boy wearing the backward hat.

"So…" He began to the scientist "This is Project Omega?"

"Yes." The straggly scientist replied with confidence "This is the one, better than our first attempt might I add."

"Oh?" this got the president's attention. Project Omega's Alpha subject was strong but a little too unruly. He was delt with accordingly.

"Yes, this one is infused with the might of the Shadow God Taltsune."

"Now Slit, you don't expect me to believe such fairy tales do you?" The President asked in a stern manner.

"I must say I didn't believe it myself at first but when we found the relics we analyzed them and we found something amazing…" Slit stopped to make a dramatic pause but continued when his boss growled with annoyance. "W-we found that an entity was trapped within them, when combined with a normal animal, it created a, excuse my terminology, 'super' beast. The entity seems to enhance anything it is combined with…"

"You can stop Slit, I understand now. I wish to see him in action. Subject Beta. What is his name again?" The president asked.

"Rick, sir."

"Ah, yes. Let the games begin Rick…"


Down in the coliseum the elimination round was underway. In one side of the arena was Rick, and the other was a man that was about six feet tall and four feet wide named… Shamus.

"Remember Rick, two thousand GP" Taltsune stated, ambition obvious.

Yeah, and maybe some answers… or even a way to purge you.

"WH- Hmph. Fine, I hope Tiny over there smashes you to a pulp." And with that Taltsune sulked into the recesses of Rick's mind. A bell rang and Shamus charged at Rick.

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