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Chapter 3


The coliseum was crowded with excited fans and combatants who've lost in the previous rounds. Everyone from Pontera was there, chants could be heard some shouting Rick's name; but most were cheering for Akira. Akira was the second place runner-up last year in a devastating match against Shamus; she lost with most her bones broken. She was first to get to the ring, and the crowd went nuts. She stood in her corner impatiently tapping her foot.

Where the hell is he anyway?

Down the various halls, about a quarter-mile away Rick was running for the ring in a fevered frenzy.

"How could you let us sleep in?" Taltsune was infuriated. "This is too big a chance for me to get rich! … Uh… What I mean is… Us?"

"Nice try buddy, but I got my own reasons to get there on time." Rick picked up the pace.

That girl…She…She has a piece of the holy Infinite…

"I doubt that's it."

Oh? Well go investigate then…



"I can't access parts of your mind… They're sealed off by… something. Anyway we have more important things to worry about. Like getting that seal back to me!!"

Right away your highness…

A few moments later a breathless Rick ran into the room and tried to skid to a stop. "Tried" being the word of choice as he slammed into Akira's backside. Rick let out a "Watch Out!!" about one second before he slammed into his opponent. Akira was now thoroughly embarrassed by the position she was now in. Rick was dazed out, lying on her backside. Hazel let out a sigh and covered her face with her hand.

Maybe if I ignore the moron he'll go away and no one will make the connection… Please Gods…She took a peak at the situation at hand, the pink-haired fighter wasn't happy to say the least… And her poor brother never knew what hit him. "Ooooh. Now that had to hurt." She commented sarcastically. Her brother could take a punch if nothing else. The boy was on the other side of the ring now as he picked himself up off the ground.

"You hit pretty good. I can't believe you lost during the last tournament." He dusted his sleeve off and walked over to shake her hand. She looked at the out-stretched hand.

How? I hit him as hard as I could. This is going to be tricky…I'll have to start to use my necklace on him. But, he seems so innoc- no. No one is ever innocent. I won't loose this. She grabbed his hand and shook it softly "May the best fighter win." She started as the bell rang.

"And no regrets." He finished as he let go of her hand and backed up to his corner. He pulled out his sword and readied himself for her attack…


He stared down from the massacre he left in the president's viewing booth in disgust as the battle began, the crowd roared in approval.

"Wretched swines, ignorant of what goes on around them." He laughed at his comment; it had been four long years since he escaped from Celesta's testing lab. And he swore vengeance on the people that ruined his life. "I'll have to remind them of what is truly happening in Nevus…" he turned behind to see a horrible monster lurking behind him in the shadows, devouring what remained of President Celesta. That rat Slit got away but it was of no consequence, no one would believe a dead man killed the president. "Azure." The monster looked up in response of its master. "Kill them all…" The beast roared in approval, spreading its wings in preparation. The man walked out of the booth and into the hallway. "Prime… It's done. I'm taking my leave of this place." Standing in front of the door was a cloaked figure with its head down.

"There's much, much more to do Omega." Prime started, the hood lifted up for the porcelain mask to face him at eye level. "He will not die by your monster's hand. He is far too strong." Omega walked out into the light, a look of annoyance was apparent on his pale complexion. His hands were in the pockets of his black jacket, the Omega symbol on his burgundy under shirt turned a bright red. "Don't even think of striking me."

"Oh, why shouldn't I, huh? Give me one godsdamn good reason!"

"One, You owe me your life, remember that. You would be in a lab right now if it weren't for me. Who gave you the power you have today? Tell me."

"You did." Responded Omega in a defeated tone.

"Good, remember that." The cloak collapsed to the ground, empty, leaving only the porcelain mask that plagued Omega's sleep. Omega stepped over the cloak and left the building behind.


The fight between Rick and Akira was beginning to intensify, blow for blow, kick for kick; the two were at a stale mate. The crowd wouldn't have it any other way…

"So… Ready to give up?" Akira asked, dodging a swipe from Rick's blade.

"Ha! Not on your life!" he retorted, blocking three punches with his sword. Akira was getting sick of this little stale mate and decided to activate her necklace. Or, she would've if a certain monster hadn't jumped out of the president's booth. It was a horrible looking creature it looked like the bulb of a plant, the "roots" thrashing about knocking over pillars in the coliseum. Parts of the ceiling were beginning to crumble and fall. The audience began to panic, "It's gonna collapse!" and "Run!" could be heard among the audience as they scrambled to the exit. As for Hazel…

The food court just outside the colesium had a long line due to one patron. "Hmmm. Let's see. Do I want… No. How about… No, no… I can never decide on a snack."

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