Here you are crying, and freakin'
About this mistake that has been so carelessly made,
We all knew that your future was doomed-
And still you act like this was huge news.
Then there's him all cuddly and good-
He's gonna treat you right-
He's gonna love you right-
He's gonna be there until the end-
But the end comes sooner than expected.
And you're alone, oh shit
What are you gonna do now?
You by yourself, but only for a time
Cause now you got a bundle
That ain't no joy,
cause it came before you was ready-
It came before you growed up.
So now you alone, but not by yourself
So lost and unsure
But honey,
don't come crying to me.
You got yourself there,
you got yourself in this mess-
You deserve this.
That child now has no future like you,
That man now has no future like you,
Your mama has no future like you,
And ya'll deserve it-
Cause you was foolish
And stupid and fast.
Think a bit and you'd see
You deserve this
like an evil deserves death
Like a person deserves freedom
Like a baby deserves life
And you gave it life
And you'd kill it if you could, but that's be wrong,
No wronger than the situation you in.
Cause you deserve this-
You deserve this hell you've created for yourself
So don't drag me down
Don't damn me with you
You deserve this, and you alone
Goodbye, my sister
My failure