Song of the Fallen Angel By Cassandra Freiborg 10/07/04

Within myself I seek to find,

a way to leave my past behind.

One last place for me to hide,

deep inside- a huge divide.

I once believed I had wings,

once knew how well I could sing.

Now I'm left with broken feathers,

broken from my one last teather.

I'm walking alone deep inside,

With the darkness I can confide.

It knows the real me, though Im good.

I could never find anyone who really understood.

I've watched the humans on this earth,

And knew that this was my dreadful curse.

I was to remain locked up inside,

waiting for my soul to slowly die.

I've come to realise that I was wrong,

yes-dead inside all along.

Thanks for telling me, I hope your happy.

Im sorry I made your life so crappy.

In your eyes I never seemed to try,

but you were blinded by your foolish pride.

Im just a child who always cried,

I cried so much, my soul went dry.

Just an empty shell to you,

a meaningless and broken tool.

I began to solve my problems with a blade,

as my eyes shifted from blue to grey.

The worst thing happened to me today,

and I wish I didn't have to stay.

Just 3 more years and Ill be gone,

then maybe one day you'll read my song.