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-Space, fifteen years ago.

An intense battle was taking place between two beings. The two beings clashed with explosive fury as their battle shook the heavens. One of them was a maiden with red hair, covered in red armor and had flaming behemoth wings. The other was a being with black armor and purple wings. The maiden held up her staff blocking the sword. She floated back and releasedfire balls from her staff, but unfortunately her opponent dodged theburning orbs.

"You are growing fatigue Phoenix, soon youwill die and Ishall acquire your powers to rule the universe under my name!"

He brought down his saber upon the woman, but was blocked as she brought up her staff.

"I can't allow that to happen. My power isn't yours to have. All lives will perish if you gain control of it."

"You can't stop me, I Emperor Calzin, am more powerful than you and you don't have your three protectors to aid you."

Underneath her mask, Phoenix's eyeslocked on to an object advancing towards them from the distance.

"It must be them, but even if they get here, my time in existence will fade."

"Phoenix, you have stayed with the living far too long. I will end you life now!

Phoenix failed to react as the evil being pierced her through the abdomen with his sword. The maiden couldn't scream for the pain was too bearable and even if she did there was no one out there who could save her. She had to do it she had to use it even if it kills her.

"Youfailed my dear. Now the power of the Phoenix is mine!"

Suddenly a red burning lightenveloped the woman. The lightstarted to spreadthrough the sword and onto Calzin.

"What is this? What's happening to me! I can't move!"

"Calzin, I can't let your evil spread so I just overwhelmed myself to the brink of destruction. Ina few moments, both us will be destroyed. My power will be hidden from those who seek it."

"Bah, even if I fail, my son will learn of my death and try to find your power and contain it."

"I know that. That is why I send my staff and the four rubies to a planet that is well protected by Galvania. There I will be reincarnated and have no knowledge of any of this until I am reunited with my accessories."

"My son will find you and eliminate you in the name of the Shadow League!"

"Your league will perish. My guardians' decedents will reunite with their chosen allies and fight against your son."

Suddenly the light around their bodies flashed violently.

"This is our end."


His scream was replaced by the sound of an explosion as they were disintegrated by the blast. The ship that approached them took in the shock wave and vibrated. Inside the ship three figures watched the explosion, sadden by the fact that their ally sacrificed herself, but were glad that the power was safe. They saw five lights flying out of the explosion and blazed down the cosmos.

"Where are they going?" responded the first being

"Planet Earth, apparently where the eight crystals of the original Elemental Titans reside." said the second being.

"Perhaps, that planet has its own legends and myths about the Phoenix or she felt that her fate is to be reincarnated at a planet that has its own protectors." The third being spoke out.

"No matter, just because Calzin is deceased doesn't mean the Earth is safe. We have to go there and find those gems and the Phoenix wand before the Shadow League does." Spoke out the second voice.

"That won't be necessary." The first being commented. "They won't go until they have a leader and they were very loyal to Calzin, so they'll be just as loyal to his son who is still a child. The child must've of sensed his fathers' death and will train to be strong enough to even triumph against us. Besides we're in our elder years, it's time we pass down our powers to our children. My daughter will be a good choice."

"You're daughter? I thought she wouldn't want to since she was."

"She will" the first voice interrupted. "She has the motivation in her eyes and I can feel her wanting revenge after what happened to her."

"Yes, I see, my son will be my disciple. I know he'll be an excellent warrior."

"My daughter," Spoke the third voice. "She will be the holder of my power. She may even achieve a higher level that failed to achieve."

"Yes, her innocence reflects upon her, even as an infant I can tell she'll be pure hearted maiden." said the second voice.

"Enough chit chat, we must alert the Galvania Council. We must calculate when they'll strike and we must have inside help. As I said before, they'll need a leader and they'll train the young one until he is a well trained warlord. Set the coordinates for Galvania!"


::15 years later::

The bell sounded and the students of Lionhill High head towards the auditorium for their daily assembly. It was the first day of the new school year and they started to kick things off with announcements before classes started. Among those attending the assembly were eight teenagers sitting in four seats in two rows.

"This is new I guess they decided to have an assembly after fist bell instead of before it."

The boy who spoke had short spikey raven hair and brown eyed boy. His namewas Jake Umara. He is an althetic boy with a friendly personality. However, he another idenitiy which only his closest friends know. He is Blaze, Elemental Titan of Fire, and leader of the Elemental Titans.

"I hope one of the teachers admit he's stealing money from the school. Miss. Fernada would be the likely candidate."

Sitting above Jake was a teenage boy with spiky long red hair and blue eyes. This nutcase was named Ryu Orlando. A fifteen year old class clown and is best friends with Jake. He was known as the Elemental Titan of lightning Bolt.

"Like that will ever happen porcupine."

The short raven haired, violet eyed girlwas Christina Zeal. She's is talkative,a tomboy, and shehas attitude to top it off.She is the Elemental Titan of Water, Aquina.

"Probably, they wouldn't want to get caught especially when this school had security cameras."

A girl, sitting above Christina, who now decided to be a curly red head,was named Lina Grace. An artistic and an intelligent girl and who decided to ditch the tomboy routine, yet kept her personality. She is known as the Elemental Titan of Nautre, Ivy.

"Lina I love how you did you hair."

The girl who commented her was Amy Angelo, girlfriend of Jake Umara. The girl, with the Italian back ground,was sincere and caring girl. She was beautiful and had a warm smile that matched her loving personality.

"Thanks, Tanya did it for me yesterday"

"Of course, she needed a new style and clothing too."

The African American Girl sitting on Linas' right was named Tanya Winfield. She is a romanticist and astubborn person who speaks her mind. She is the Elemental Titan of Ice, Blizzara.

"Sam, did you get the gear to play pranks on the freshmen?"

"Uh, Ryu, as much as I want to play pranks on the defenseless freshmen, but no. Maybe when we're Seniors."

The African American teen was named Sam Guyver. This sarcastic teenager has a sense of justice and can get irritated when people do notorious things. He is the Elemental Titan of Force, Enforcer.

"As long as they don't give a long speech about something that isn't related to any of the subjects or topics that concern for us."

The bandanna teen who let his raven colored hair flow down hisshoulerswas Jack Vincent. He's the anti social of the bunch and he can be cold hearted at times to keep up his reputation. He is the Elemental Titan of Earth, Gaia.

Just to get a clear of what position their sitting. Left to right are Jake, Amy, Christina, and Jack. Above them are Ryu, Sam, Tanya, and Lina.

"Yeah," agreed Lina,

"Remember, last year they praised this one kid for achieving the highest grade?"

"Jeffery Landsman?" wondered Christina. "2/3 of the school didn't really care about that, and most of the jocks picked on him because of that."

"He's not here this year so I guess he won't get tortured by them which is good." said Amy.

"What else is good is that there hasn't been anything peculiar since Valcron." said Tanya.

"Awe, and I wanted to pound the next guy I see." pouted Ryu. "I miss being Bolt, and now the media concentrates on the stars and political crap."

"And the Guardians." added Amy, "Hopefully they will come back, especially since Faiza and Silvisa are alive."

"Yeah," agreed Jake. "But right now let's concentrate on passing this school year and hopefully no distractions."

The headmaster walked up onto the stage and gave out a speech of the new school year, but that's not important now. Who wants hear a speech from him?


In space, a metallic space ship hovered around the Earth shrouded in a cloaking device. Gazing out the window was abeing with gray skin, long purple hair, and purple eyes. The figure wore silver chest plate, on his shoulder were gray shoulder plates, he wore arm guard that stretch to from his wrist. He wore purple pants and brown shoes. His name was Falzin, son of the deceased Calzin. This tyrant wanted nothing more than power of the Phoenix and the death of the reincarnation.

"My emperor."

He turned around to find purple cloaked being sitting on a levitation pillow. With him was a crystal ball.

"What is it Dark Mage?"

"We arrived at plant Earth."

"I know," he said in a mature, yet sinister voice.

"I'm sorry my lord, I just wanted to let you know."

"No, matter, where is Zin?"

"He's in meditation he said he doesn't want to be disturbed. Shall I wake him?"

"No, I don't want to awake my best soldier, when he wakes up tell him that I want him to go down and find the Phoenix by revealing the Aura of Pure Flame."

"Yes, I will tell him."

Before the mage could leave, the evil being grabbd him on the shoulder. "Also, if the Elemental Titans get in his way, eliminate them."


Falzin returned looking out the window as the mage left to check up on Zin. He formed a wicked smile while staring at the Earth.

"The power will be mine, the reincarnation of the Phoenix and the Elemental Titans will die, and the universe will tremble at my power. Do you hear me father? I will complete what you started.


Later that night, Jake finished the homework he had to do; it very wasn't much since it was his first day back. He walked into the living roomand foundhis younger sister, watching T.V.

"Tina, where are mom and dad"

"Mom is in the kitchen and dad is in the basement. What do you want them for?"

"Nothing just wondering, hey mind turning to something else."

"Nope, I got here first, nah nah."

Okay his sister haddeveloped an attitude during the summer. It was normal for her since she wasgrowing up.


He saw his dad coming from around the corner.

"Yes dad?"

"I need you to come with me to the hardware store to get a few things. Come on sport let's have the old father-son bond."

The raven haired teen sighed, being embarrassed by his dad's go get em attitude.


"Great, come on."


A figure stood on top of a building, its short red hair blowing in the wind, the moonlight reflected off his ice cold blue eyes. He wore a mask that covered his mouth and a scar was shown on his left eye. He wore a brown jump suit, with red chest armor. He gazed upon the city with a menacing glare.

"I will find the one who sports the Aura of Pure Flame for my Emperor. Also,"

He stretched his hand and red bow staff with strange markings all around it and golden tips materialized in front of him.

"The Elemental Titans will be disposed of." He leapt off the building and into the city below.


Jake and his dad walked out of the hardware store, while carrying paint, wood, some light bulbs, and lawn ornaments.

"I'm building us a shed so we can store up our yard equipment without it piling up the garage."

"Yeah, I can see why. Mom was peeved by all that junk in the garage during the summer."

"It's not junk."

"Hey, that's what mom said."

"Yeah I know. Have you seen one of those power wielding teenagers around recently? Who are they again?"

"They're the Elemental Titans and no I haven't seen them since that day seven months ago. Why?"

"It's strange that they just disappeared when that strange fortress was destroyed. They could be dead, but I was just thinking about the red one." He said as he unlocked the back door of their van. Jake was startled by his statement.

"Uh, what about the red one?"

"Yeah the one who controls fire, I saw apicture of him in the newspaper and he sort of looks like you."

"Huh? You think so? Nah, he couldn't be, I mean he looks stronger than me, he may have battle scars tattooed on his body, and he has this look that could kill."

"Yeah, he may look like you, but he isn't."

Jake sighed in relief.

"Let's finish loading things up and head back home."

Before they could load up the car, the two heard scream ring throughout the parking lot. People near him turned to the source of the voice. Mr. Umara decided to go and investigate.

"Jake, stay here."

"Dad, at least let me help."

"No, it's too dangerous." The adult ran off to find out what's wrong.

"You have no idea what I've been through" Suddenly he senses were triggered by a strange energy of sort. He looked around to find only a few people around and ran off to find a place to transform.

"If what I'm feeling is true then dad doesn't stand a chance."

He searched for a place to hide until hediscovered large delivery truck parked near the end of the parking lot. He looked around to make sure no one wasfacing his direction.He ran behind the truck and checked again to make sure everything was clear. He clenched his hand as red aura formed around it.

"Time for the return of Blaze. Call of the Elements! Raging Fire Ignite!"

He smashed his hands together releasing a flame blast. The stream of fire flowed around his upper body creating a black muscle shirt underneath a short sleeve red shirt. The fire flew around his lower body creating a red gi pants. Red boots materialized on his feet, the very upper portion of his boots were black.A red gi belt wrapped around his waist. He thrust out his fist as the fire created red wristbands. Then two red curved streaks. Then a red headband wrapped around his forehead. Lastly the stream of fire swirled around his bodies and flew into his chest creating a fire symbol on his shirt. His opened his eyes and he lets loose of few punches and kicks, finishing the move off with a flame blast.

"Elemental Titan of Fire: Blaze.

Mr. Umara and couple of other people were knocked unconscious by Zin who wasn't happy that he found nothing of the Phoenixs' whereabouts.

"None of them have what I seek. I sensed a strong energy source here for some reason, but what?"

He spotted something in the corner of his left eye. He dodgeda series of fire balls before he was struck by them.

"Who is foolish enough to challenge me?"

The Elemental Titan of Fire position himself under a spotlight being shot down from a lamppost. Zin stared at his new adversary with interest.

"Who are you?"

"I am Blaze, the Elemental Titan of Fire. Whatever you are doing, I'm here to put and end.

"Elemental Titan? You're not in league with the Elite Trio are you?"

"Elite Trio?"

"No matter, I'm here on a mission and you will not interfere."

"I already had, now you either surrender or you fight me because I'm not going to let you go easily."

"Foolish boy, you know nothing about me. I'm stronger than you think."

"He's right." thought the titan. "I'm sensing he's hiding more of his power, but I gotta fight him so I can know what I'm up against."

He gazed over to his father and civilians that were unconscious after confronting Zin. He turned his gaze back to the evil being and got into a fighting stance.

"Come on I'm ready."

Zin spread his legs apart and formed to spheres of energy in each hand. "I'll let you know why they call me Zin the soul hunter. I feed on the souls of fighters to make me strong. As of now I collected souls from these weaklings."

Zin caught the titan off guard by phasing out and punched him in the spine as he reappeared behind him. Blaze staggered forward while rubbing his back. He turned around to face the evil being.

"I'll release their souls from you!"


He said as he pulled out a jar from his pocket.

"If you defeat me, then the souls of the weaklings will be yours."

"All right bring it!"

The fire titan rushed at him with his fist coated in red flames.

"Salamander Flame!"

The attack failed when Zin side stepped away from it, but Blaze didn't stop there. His fist was coated in flames again and Zin assumed he was going to use that attack again, but he didn't expect the next move.

"Blazing Fist!"

Zin slid back due to the force of the punch. The evil being regained his composure and prepareed for his attack.

"Soul Blitz!"

A transparent image of Zin shot out of his body and made a direct hit against the warrior. Blaze fell to the ground in pain.


"Like it? I used my own soul to hurt you."

"Great I got a bad guy who uses his own soul to try and kill me. What's next, he uses his spleen as a weapon?"

Zin walked towards the boy with a smile crawlinguphis face.

"Now hold still so I can kill you."

The fire titan jumpped back up and got into a fighting stance. "I'm going to have to stay alert against this guy. Where is everybody?"


Place: Grace Family Household.

Lina sat at her desk, in her room, fiddling away at her computer. She was still getting use to the hardware given to her as a gift from the guardians. She was impressed by the technology and thanks to the instruction manual, which gratefully wasn't written in Chinese or in an intergalactic language, helped her how to work it. On a screen was a map of the state they were living in.

"With this we can prepare to track down any of our energy signals or an enemy that's showing off his power. Now to."

She clicked starton the screen which showed blinkingdots shaded in blue all bunched together. She enhanced the map which revealed their city. On it were nine dotsspread in different locations on the screen. Two of the dots caught her eye. One was a blue dot sitting next to a red dot and both were glowing. She clicked on the blue dot and a small window popped up revealing the face of Jake.

"Jake must be fighting a new foe. I must tell the other about this data, but first."

Her handstarted to emita light green color. "Majestic Nature Ignite!"

She bends down and places her hand on the ground and then stands back up while shooting her hand in the air. This calls vines to uproot from the ground and wrap around her body. Next petals whirled around the vines cutting them. The vines fell apart revealing Lina in white shirt underneath a green strapped tank top. A green skirt that reachee six inches below the knee and a slit that reached an inch above her knee. She wore white tights and green high heeled boots. She had the same wrist bands, headband, and streaks as Blaze.. "Elemental Titan of Nature. Ivy.


The fire titan attacked the soul hunter with kicks and punches. He unleashed another Salamander Flame at Zin, but unfortunately it missed.

"You call yourself a fighter, you're a disgrace and to think I was hoping to fight an Elemental Titan that actually survived Valcron."

"I'm just warming up, you'll see how much power I have in my body once I turn loose."

"Are you sure? Could be that you're only bluffing and you don't have enough to fully execute anything powerful."

"I got more skills in my arsenal so don't underestimate me."

"Fine, unleash one of your deadly moves on me. I stand on this spot and see what sorry excuse of power you have."

"He's up to something," though the fire warrior.

"But, either way I'm going to have to beat him sooner or later."

The fire titan crossed his arms and created a red aura around his body. The villain watched on with interest, as he wondered what his new opponent would do. Blaze lifted his head revealing his eyes burning red, which intrigued Zin more.

"Rising Dragon!"

Blaze turned into the flaming dragon once again and roared before attacking the soul hunter. Zin chuckled to himself, knowing how to deal with this situation.

"Good attack, but you got a flaw. Soul Blitz!"

Instead of Zins' soul, a soul of demented figure flew out and attacked the rising dragon. The soul burst through the dragon while at the same time knocking out the surprised fire Titan. Blaze had hit the ground hard as the dragon flame dispersed. He recollected himself and stood up to face the villain in a fearful manner. He was shocked that one of his best attacks failed to come close to the alien warrior.

"No way, you saw through my attack."

"Of course, anybody with enough sense can see how to counter your skill either with or without getting burned. You left yourself wide open to attack thinking your flames will protect you. Get this, they won't help you."

"You maybe right, but you're not the first to do it. Valcron saw my flaw and I got the consequences."

"Well, now shall we presume on our fight? I would like to collect your soul the sooner or better and be on my way."

"Just what are you looking for?"

"It's classified and it won't do you any good when you're dead. Spirit Flash!"

Blaze didn't have time to move for the wave of energy made its mark and did damage to the young man. He crashed into the trunk of a parked car, while sounding off the car alarm, and fell face first on the ground. Zinapproached him and picked him up by his neck. Blaze felt himself suffocating under the creatures' hold.

"You weren't much of a challenge, I expected more from you boy, but you're not like those other three."

"Other… three?" Blaze continued to choke.

"No matter, your not strong enough. You can't take back the souls I had collected." He held up the soul jar in his other hand. "I'll gorge on these to make me stronger and use yours to increase the power my Soul Blitz. Say good bye."

Blaze closed his eyes awaiting death to take him away from the pain hewas about to receive until.

"Demi Missile!"

"Water Gun!"

"Thunder Wave!"

Zin took the attacks hard, but was able keep his grasp on Blaze and the jar. Zinturned his headand viewed theElemental Titan of Earth approaching him with fury in his eyes.

"Earth Rage!"

Punch after punch, Zin took the beating laid before him and lost his grip on Blaze and the jar. Breeze jumped and carried Blaze away from the villain. Blizzara caught the jar and ran over to join the group.Blaze opened his eyes andwas thankful to see the face of his friends,Breeze, Aquina, Enforcer, Bolt, Ivy, Gaia, and Blizzara. The wind titan embraced herboyfriendwith worryin her eyes.

"Jake you're hurt."

"Dude, you sure did get a beating from this loser." Bolt spoke with arrogance. "Let me have a shot at him."

"Idiot, don't go underestimating him," exclaimed Aquina. "If he took down Blaze, then he willsurely beat you in under second."

"He's right." said Gaia. "I believe he is stronger than any of us. He's still standing even afterI used Earth Rage. Damn, I've been slacking."

"Blaze who is this guy?" asked the Force Titan.

"His name is Zin, a soul hunter. He uses souls to power himself up and has a wicked ability called Soul Blitz where he can use his own soul or souls he's take to attack without ever him moving a muscle. I don't know who he's working for."

"Disturbing the deceased is no respect." spoke Aquina with hatred for Zin.

"I agree, let's try to come up with a strategy to beat this guy." exclaimed Ivy.

"Blizzara that jar contains the souls of people he collect from the parking lot. My dad's soul is in there and we have got to put them back in."

"You won't be able to do that."

Every turned back to Zin who stood there with his arms crossed. "Not when I'm here to stop you from doing so."

"Shut up meat face or ninja wannabe, before I send an electrical surge at you."

Bolt dashes towards him to attack

"Lightning S-."

"Soul Blitz!"

This caught him off guard and made him pee in pants when a he saw a transparent being appear in front of him. He was sent fly into a car. Aquina and Gaia move to offensive to attack, but Zin intercepted once more.

"Spirit Chain!"

Four glowing blue chains appeared from his palms. Two of them binded the approaching warriors, while the other twocaptured Enforcer and Ivy. After being lift up in the air, Zin zapped them with electrical energy that was painful too painful for them to bare. He yanked his chains, sending them falling hard on the parking lot. Each of them were knocked out by the blow. Zin looked at the remaining warriors and laughed as they got into their fighting stances.

"You three can't attack me all together, even when your friend took most of the beating earlier."

"He's right." said Blaze. "Even if we attack him together, he'll surely kill us."

"But there has to be away to beat him." said the ice titan. "I'm not quitting, until he or me are dead."

"Jake, I'll stick right by you." reassured the wind titan.

"Thanks, get ready for to strike."

Zin continued to approach with hisspirit chains dragging across the ground ready to strike. The fight wasn't going good andtheywerenotgoing to turn around to run, that is until…

"Rays of Light!"

"Stars of the Galaxy!"

Zin hadn't had a chance to move as he was hit dead on and flew into a car. The three titans were awe by what happened and turned to find two figures standing far away from their eye could see.

"Who are they?"

The evil being regained his composure and glared, with hatred, at his two attackers.

"You actually hurt me! You three are a nuisance to the Shadow League!"

"Shadow League?" muttered Ivy as she slowly regained consciousness.

The rest of the injured regained consciousness and gazed over at the two figures in the distance.

"Who are those two?" asked the force Titan.

"Enemy of ours?" asked Gaia as he readied to attack if they tried to pounce them.

"No, they attacked Zin, so they must be our allies to us." shouted Blaze.

Zin glares at his two adversaries and grins.

"You may have followed me hear and won this battle, but you haven't won the war. The Shadow League will triumph!"

He screamed as he vanishes in a portal. The Elemental Titans continued to stare at the two enigmas wondering if they were going to attack, but then two the leaped up in the air and flew off into the night.

"They can fly? That's as far as we know about them." said Aquina.

"But who are they? Are they with us or are they against us?" questioned the ice titan.

"I hope they're with us, because if they're not then we're in big trouble." spoke the frighten lightning Titan.

"Right now we need to return the souls to their vessels. We'll worry about them later."

The group nodded and proceeded to return the souls back to their former vessel. Blaze, was unsure about this whole mess they're in now. A new enemy has come, even stronger than Valcron and they were saved by two mysterious warriors. He was unsure on how to overcome this, but decided he'll have to worry about it later.