-Countdown part 3. The battle is on.

-Toronto Canada.

Three Gems found. The Elemental Titans and the Gem Warriors found what they were looking for, but they were just leading to the inevitable. Right now Sam and Zeena were trying to find the last gem. All the Gem Warriors appeared except for the leader. Jade. The female warrior is probably being used by the Shadow League. Whatever is happening has to get to be solved.

-Tim Hortons-

Sam and Zeena sat down at the coffee shop. They had grabbed a beverage and food and started talking.

"Nothing seems to be wrong here. It's like everyone here oblivious to threat."

Zeena nodded. "Unlike the others, this one seems to be more quiet, hidden, and not as dangerous. If only we had the 12 Titan, then we would be a complete team."


"Sam…. What is the opposite of Light?"

"Darkness… wait you mean."

"Yes, there is the final element warrior… darkness."

"Should we be wary?"

"No, this element is not evil dark, but more good dark. Think about, somewhere in history darkness was made to be evil. This was made before that. I don't know the depths of its creation, but the power of Darkness is and will always be a wild card. That's why there is light. If anyone can contain it, that would be Kina."

"Does Dark Mage have it?"

"No, we would have sensed it."

"I see." Sam sipped his Peppermint mocha. "This is tasty, better than Starbucks."

"Hmph, Starbucks can't make squat."

The two of them walked down the sidewalk, looking for anything suspicious and anybody out of place…. Which was hard. Zeena contemplated, they had made something to drain the host if it went wild. They designed it in a way so that Falzin wouldn't take the power. She had it on standby in case something happened. They needed all the gear and planning they could get. They needed to be 4 steps ahead of anything.

"Zeena, what are we going to do if Falzin does have the power? This bird is a living sun. There is no way we can contend with that."

"True, we can't stop something that literally a god. But we are going to stop it, if it means killing the host."

"WHAT!? Are you serious we can't kill that person."

"I'm not going to let Falzin take the power. Falzin is no where near his father. His father was a an all powerful warlord that could contend to the Pheonix. That was only when he fully submitted to the dark forces of the beyond. He also had something called the Gauntlets of Hercules, but they were destroyed along with him. He can never summon the Chaos forces of the beyond. That's Dark Mages affinity and we don't know if the Dark Mage is pulling the strings."


"Yes, I've been weary of him ever since I've laid my eyes on him. Kina will have to pull out all the stops. She's been saving her energy for him. She will have to use… it"


"Something we discovered with the Fusion Gems. Your four friends were informed and will gladly contribute."


"When the time comes you will have to say goodbye."

"WHAT?! What's going to happen to them? Jake, Jack, Kina, Christina… Tanya?" Sam started worrying about his four friends and girlfriend. "Zeena…"

"That depends Sam." She said sadly. "If their wills are strong enough then they will survive. That's if Dark Mage becomes more of a threat than Falzin."

The teen became quiet. He might have to say goodbye and no Gekan Orb was going to wish them back. Perhaps the Pheonnix… that is if it isn't wild or unreasonable.


Everyone covered their ears from the loud ear piercing scream. The duo looked around them and found nothing. They looked up and discovred a 20 foot Burning Eagle like creature flying across the sky. The people were too busy cringing that they didn't notice a flash of grey and purple. The duo took to the sky to sky.

The eagle screeched as it flew by. Enforcer and Luna chased the creature as it flew wildly.

"This randomly showed up, coincidence?"

"True, but we take this opportunity Enforcer. Get ready."

The eagle stopped and turned to face the duo.

"YOU! Warriors of the element state your case!"

"Woah it talked!"

"We are here to stop you from destroying the planet."

"And what about YOU! Quit hiding you arrogant woman!"

Something started to materialize in view, then Jade made her full appearance. She scowled at the beast. "I have a name you damned bird. It's Jade."

"Jade? The Saint Gem warriors…. WHY HAVE YOU FORSAKEN?!"

"For Falzin of course?"

"Nonsense." He pierced her mind and saw many things she had done. He stopped on a recent memory. "Full, you have no idea you are being controlled. The mighty Saint Warriors have fallen. Pitiful"

"Don't patronize me!"

Zeena hit her head. "Of course! It makes sense. In the Galvanian archives there told a tale of the Saint Warriors that aided the Elemental Titans against the Archfiend X'al." She clenched her fist. "DAMN YOU JADE! HOW DARE YOU USE THAT POWER AGAINST US!?"

"The bird said she's being controlled. Do you think Dark Mage had a hand."

"I don't care, she's using that for evil purposes. We must secure the gems from those Neanderthals"

Jade looked back and smirked. "Oh you want to fight?"

"Damn straight!"

The warrior of the moon tackled the emerald warrior. The fought in the air and grabbed each others hair. Luna released Jade from her, and swung her hair. "YOU WILL YIELD!"


She threw her to the ground. Jade regained her composure, but Luna dove into her like a missile and two hit the ground hard. Enforcer could only stare at the catfight that had just emerged. He found it interesting."

"Perverted youth, your mate wouldn't like that."

"What? How did you know?"

"I can read minds kid, I also know you watch some hamster show called Hamtaro and when you were 5 you wore those fuzzy bunny jammies with that covered your entire body."

The warrior gaped, no one knew that. Not ever Tanya. He grabbed his head. "GET OUT! GET OUT OF MY HEAD!"

"Hmph, spoiled sport."

Enforcer ignored the bird and shot down toward the ground. He brushed past the forest area and came across the two fighters engaging each other in the mud. His mind was clouding with perverted thoughts, he quickly got rid it and shot toward Jade who had Luna's head in the mud. He tackled her and the two dove in the mud. The moon titan shot up and gasped for air and watched the warrior of Force toss the woman into a tree. The tree collapsed as she flew through it.

Jade got up and unleashed an energy shot at the duo. Enforcer brought his Ax and blocked the attack. Jade pulled out her sword and dove at the boy. The two engaged in weapon play, while trying to find a opening in the other. Jade knocked the boy away and slashed him across the chest. The teenager started staggering back and placed his hand against his chest. The woman pointed her blade at him. "Hmm, I'm a much better fighter than you. You rely too much on your powers while I trained outside of my warrior uniform. What have you been doing? Try to find out who died in Melrose Place?"

"You a few years too late, that show ended years ago."

"Just like you are?"

"Eclipse Dash!"

The canokian rocketed toward the woman and struck her with a powerful punch. Jade flew back, she regained her composure and covered herself in green energy. Luna rode forward and started and attacking her. Jade blocked each and every throw her opponent had at her. Jade grabbed the woman's arm kneed her in the gut. She pushed her aside and sent back with a Jade Beam. Enforcer grabbed the woman in mid air.

"You okay?"

"Damn that wench. How dare she used those gems."

"You already made your point."

"We have to get them back some how."

"I've seen enough. You kids are really more violent that before."

The emerald armor woman tiled her head in wonder. "Really? Or are you just making it up? How can people be more violent than before?"

"As time goes on." Enforcer stared at her. "We invent new and better things to live our lives, but we also fine new ways to kill each other. That's kind of how the universe works."

"Sad." Jade said, you could almost see some compassion in her eyes, but it was replaced with negativity. "Doesn't matter, the strong survive the weak perish."

"Well, you showed me you two can fight and I don't feel like postponing things any longer. Come, the vessel approaches."

-Bermuda Triangle-

Phasing from a different location were Volcan, Ivy, and Citrine. The lizard phoenix hovered below the ocean. "Ah, the Bermuda Triangle, such a strange place."

"Really?" awed the fusion Titan. "Kind of strange place for the Pheonix Staff."

Citrine snorted. "Why?"

Ivy shrugged. "No reason, this place was always been called a ship graveyard or something. People think this place leads to another dimension or something supernatural. I thought it was a nothing. I thought science could explain this. After receiving my powers and enduring all the weird events, I don't know what to think anymore."

"Ryu would say a wizard did it." The fused warrior placed a hand on her shoulder. "We should not question everything.

"Hn." Said Citrine

"Are you going to do it now?"

"Patience fused warrior. The rest of me will come here to form the ritual."

Ivy felt something coming and turned around to find blast a fire emerged and dispersed. It revealed Aquina, Blizzara, Galaxar, Neo Ruby, and Sapphire. Citrine looked on at the two. "No Fang?"

"Killed him." The space titan muttered.

Neo Ruby looked around. "We're in the middle of the ocean."

"The Bermuda Triangle." Ivy said.

The scarlet armored warrior raised a brow. "Huh? You mean this place? Oh the irony."

Sapphire crossed her arms. "I do feel something here. I don't know what."

Another flash of fire appeared and dispersed as Bolt, Breeze, Hikari, Amethyst, and Onyx appeared before them. Breeze looked at everyone and then her eyes focused on Neo Ruby for a little before she turned away. Sapphire glared at Bolt, Aquina put herself in between the two. "No."

"Then you are asking for it. Get out of my way."

"No, if you do that I will kick your ass."

Bolt having heard enough flew toward them. "Sapphire I want to tell you I had no choice."

"Shut up boy!" She extended her blades and pointed them at him. "I will avenge her and kill you."

"SAPPHIRE!" Citrine called out as he floated by her. "Are you feeling okay? You're more aggressive than usual."

"Quiet kid." The blue armored woman spat back. Citrine was taken back by this, she wouldn't call him. He proved himself to earn her respect. Now he know for sure Dark Mage was leaking his magic in her. Amethyst and Onyx looked at each other and back at the group.

"It's time!" The four gems of the phoenix. The physical forms reverted back to the red jewels and rocket toward the ocean. As they entered the water the group was dumbfounded that gems dove into the water with no explanation.

"WHAT?!!" shouted Sapphire. "What kind of stupid trick did this thing pull on us? I swear I will kill it if I had a chance."

"Killing a god eh?"

"Bite it lightning lad."

Volcan looked down at the ocean, he continued glaring as he sensed the gems power increasing in spades. Ivy looked at her wrist mounted computer and glared at the hologram that was displaying images beneath the surface and numbers that were increasing in the thousands. There were surface mass rising up from the ocean.

"EVERYONE THERE IS SOMETHING COMING!" She started to panic. "It's.. oh my"

Everyone looked down and watched as the area where they hovering was starting to bubble. Then a peak of mountain started to rise from the depths. As it started to surface, it looked like a land mass with a temple on one of the peaks, then it surface, then the land started climbing out of the water like a floating island. Everyone was in shock that the island was still climbing. People from Florida and nearby the triangle could see a island rising above the sea and floating in the sky. The warriors landed on a grassy plain in front of the temple. Luna made pressed something on her side, which activated her ship to land somewhere on the island. The ship had been following her since they embarked, when she was teleported the ship was confused, but once it located them it followed them. Everyone was in awe at the temple. Bolt mouth gaped wide since he was confused.

"What? WHA! Why was this here?"

Ivy touched one of the pillars. "I'm beginning to suspect that Bermuda Triangle was a camouflage for this. I mean wasn't the phoenix battle 15 year ago?"

Jade moved forward. "This place has been here for a billion years. Earth is one many temples in the universe that the Pheonix had created in case she was ever beaten and needed time to rejuvenate."

Volcan kept his fusion as he continued walk while looking at the pillars. One of them had sculpture of a bird and the other a woman. "Interesting."

"Wait." Enforcer called out. "Are we going to fight or just continue this alliance."

Jade stopped and looked back. "Do whatever you want, I'm not fighting until I get a good look at the inside. Then consider us trying take each others heads apart in no time." She advanced inside the temple, the rest of the Gem Warriors followed her into the domain. The 10 titans crowded around and discussed a plan.

"Okay now what?" Blizzara fidgeted with her fingers. "We got enemies in there and no doubt the rest of the Shadow League is on the way. What do we do?"

"Offer them tea and crumpets I guess." Suggest the lightning warrior.

"Oh we could also offer a peaceful trinket to signify our unity." Aquina had sarcasm in her voice. "Seriously, I want to kick Sapphire's ass and then save Diana."

"Mostly Amethyst." Hikari muttered. "But it will be my duty to fight Dark Mage in case he ever shows up to fight. My light will penetrate his darkness."

Enforcer, Bolt, and Galaxar started snickering causing glares from the females. Aquina and Blizzara smacked their boyfriends upside the head. Volcan sighed in frustration. "We better head in, Luna is that machine online?"

"Yes, it will fire when necessary." She looked at everyone. "I want all of you stay on guard, don't lose any sense of focus on any of them. You got me?"

"Yes Ma'am."

"Good, let's go in there make sure nothing happens."


The group raced in to the temple. As they continued to press on they began to notice the gem warriors further ahead. Ivy planted seed as she walked by to create traps for those she considered not human or a titan. Her seeds will activate when the feel an unwelcomed guest. Volcan stayed in his fusion form in case there were any surprises they didn't know about.

At the end of the corridor, everyone came across the phoenix gems levitating near a golden rod with a sculpture of a bird the top. The titans and the gem warriors gazed at the power radiating from the artifacts. A voice was heard throughout the chamber. "Reincarnated vessel of the Pheonix… come!"

A ray of light shot forward to the bottom of the chamber between the titans and the gem warriors. The group jumped back as being was being teleported from who knows where. The person was in the shape of girl, her age range looked to be of 10-12. Her hair was black tied into a pony tail. She collapsed onto her knees and looked around, wondering where she was. "A-ah."

The titans grimaced, shocked, and awed. Volcan most of all was deeply startled. The person sitting in front of them was Jake's sister, Tina Umara.

"Where am I?" She looked at the gem warriors and instantly back away. "AHHHHH!!!"


She turned to the other side and found the titans amongst her. She smiled. "Elemental Titans!? What's happening here?"

Volcan jumped forward and landed between the warriors and the girl. The titans all ran forward, Breeze scooped up the girl and held her tight. Jade smiled. "Oh? Is she someone you know? Hmm, Volcan… Blaze… No Jake Umara, is that your sister?"

"Jake?" Tina looked around. "Where is he?

Bolt frowned. "He's not here."

Volcan didn't say a word, he was having an internal struggle on whether it was a good idea to tell her or not. He kept his focus and upped his guard. The gems and the staff continued to levitate. That is until Dark Mage came in to the picture. He stared at everyone in the room. "Hmm."

Hikari saw him and growled. Luna and Galaxar looked back and sensed a force walking toward them. The titans formed a circle with Breeze and Tina in the middle. There were footsteps approaching, getting louder and louder with each passing step. Then the figured revealed himself. Falzin showed up with a sword at his waist. He smiled. "Ah, so the reincarnated form of the phoenix… at last."

Luna and Galaxar glared at the man before them. Hikari's light glowed brightly as she was intent on finishing off the magic wielder.

"Hand over the girl titans, I aim to make her death swift and take those artifacts."

In a split second Volcan's power shot through the roof. The titans steered clear of the volcanic warrior as he turned his sight over to the Shadow League leader. Falzin frowned, he felt the power and knew this boy would be a formidable opponent. He trained at young age and thanks to Dark Mage's time chamber, he grew into a powerful warlord, but even he knew a challenge if he saw one. He had an idea.

"Go ahead, take the girl. The only things we need are those artifacts." He glanced at what artifacts above. Project Flame would only needed those trinkets, the girl however would only be killed permanently and make it so she will never be reincarnated again.

"You think?" Luna spoke with venom in her voice. "You think we will let you take those?" She pointed to the Gem Warriors. "You think you can let that wench and her thieves keep those sacred gems for their own businesses? I will not tolerate this!"

"Tolerate it or not, we are taking what we came here for. This island those gems will be ours!" Falzin unsheated his sword. "I may not have been as powerful as my father, but I am enough to take on the likes of you."

Volcan looked back at the wind warrior. "Breeze, take Tina and get the hell out of here. Get as far away as you can."

"On my signal Titans." Luna conjured up power in her fist. "Some nab those artifact and get out of here."

"No you will not!" Falzin charged forward.

"NOW!" She thrust her hand on the ground. "LUNAR LIGHT!"

"Oh no you don't." He opened his palm and shot out a powerful beam.

"NO!" Bolt cupped is hands. "POSITRON BEAM!"

Citrus facepalmed. "Aw crud."


The temple could be viewed from fleets of various nations coming together and wondering what kind of threat is taking place here. An American helicopter hovered near the landmass. They were taking pictures and sending them back for the world to see. More helicopters from various news networks were reporting the landmass that had suddenly erupted from the Bermuda Triangle.

Down below various fleets, mostly from the American navy, were stationed far from the range in which it could drop and unleash a wave of water. Sitting at the front of one of the vessels was general with grayish hair. He stared at the huge land mass, wondering what kind of threat it could be for the people of the world.


General Edgar Gordon stared at the navy man who interrupted his chain of thoughts. "What is it?"

"Well, we are detecting something in there."


"Well… it almost similar to what happened last year. You know those kids who call themselves the Elemental Titans."

He frowned, of course he knew of them. Everybody knew of them. The government wondered if they are a threat, but they saved lives. They saved a city from being destroyed. He wondered…. Is this their weapon? Have they turned on us. If so they need to bring them down.

"I see," He turned his attention back at the large land mass.



"What was that?"

"…" He didn't want to jump to conclusions. He order the man to go back and find out anything they can find. He saw his answer. He saw three figures fall from the landmass and into the water. That couldn't have kill them. Suddenly a figure leapt out of the water onto the boat. He unhoisted his gun and walked forward. Everyone else aimed their weapons at the new arrival. He raised his brow.

This wasn't a titan. Those kids wore brightly colored uniforms. This man was wearing all black armor. The figure look around and smirked. "Those primitive weapons wont affect me."

Gordon raised his gun. "We'll see."


Everyone turned back, it was two of those kids. One a red headed girl wearing green and the other a black kid wearing gray. The levitated on the ground and looked on toward Onyx. Gordon analyzed them. They were in their teens, but their eyes. Those eyes should've be on kids. Those were battleharded warriors. What kind of fights have they gotten in to.

Onyx smirked. "I'm doing this for Jade ya know." Gordon heard the figure speak. "I'm in this for a good fight."

Enforcer snarled. "YOU'RE AN IDIOT! The shadow league is just using you. As soon they are done with you, they'll kill you."

"I know that. Soon as we learned Dark Mage is controlling our leader. Amethyst, Citrine, and I are going to pummel that mage in to a oblivion."

Ivymon crossed her arms. "Oh? You will need our friend's help with that."

"Hn." He started to levitate. "Come and get me." He flew toward the island.

Enforcer rubbed the back of his head. "That distraction backfired. We have to stop them here and now."


The kids finally noticed the navy and flinched when the guns were pointed at them. The general glared at the kids. "Just what is going on up there?"

"A crisis, and end of the world crisis. This of us as your Justice League."

Gordon resisted the urge to roll his eyes at the black teen's statement. He lowered his gun and motioned for the others to stop.

"What is going on up there."

Ivy stepped forward. "I'll tell you everything." She looked back at her friend. "Enforcer, can you go find that big brute. Find Breeze, we can't let Falzin do what he wants."

"Right, right." He gasped. "Do you feel that?"

"Yes… Dark Mage and Hikari."

Enforcer blasted off toward the island leaving the red headed warrior alone. The general watched as the harden look on the girl faded to a sincere smile. "Shall we gentlemen?"


-The island-

Bolt landed on the ground with a phoenix gem in his hand. The massive explosion caused by everyone's contribution had managed to scatter everyone on this huge hunk that could be a continent for all he cared. He was in a forest area, enough to keep him out of sight. He had to get back, he had to find the others. He had sensed the powers of Dark Mage and Hikari light up. His powers could work to, so he had to help.

Aquina and Blizzara raced forward from their landing point. "Damn it! Did we all had to unleash our powers?" She looked farther ahead and saw smoke coming from afar. "Look we destroyed the temple by doing that stunt."

"We scattered the gems, the phoenix staff, and Tina. This should give us enough time to find the rest and defeat anything that comes in our way."


The girls stopped and found themselves in front of a beast wielding an axe. Behind him were 50 others similar to him. He narrowed his eyes at the girls. "This island is property of the shadow league. ALL NON LEAGUERS WILL BE TERMINATED!"

The warrior of water snarled. "You know, this really is pissing me off."

"I sense great power from them. This must been the Shadow League's finest." Blizzara reminded the girl.

"The return of Arashi?"

"No, we should keep that for the pervert or Falzin. You sense that? Hikari is already engaging in the Dark Mage."

"This is the final battle. A free for all eh?" The girl slammed her fist into her hand. "Let's rip them up.

"Don't kill them! They will make fine sex slaves."

The brown skinned ice girl eye twitch. "I freeze them to death you drown them with no mercy."


The girls charged forward with determination and to kill these fiends that threatened to use their bodies. Their bodies belong to girls and girls alone. Aquina unleashed a barrage of tiny bubbles at the group of fiends. They seemed small than normal. They only laughed at pitiful attempts.

"Oh what is this?"

"My bubble snap has been upgraded. The more condensed they are the more hurt you are going to get." She snapped her fingers.

The next thing the group knew was the started feeling pain, very terrible pain all over their bodies. Ever since Jake was in a coma the group had been working on more dangerous techniques for small fry monsters. Then when that lightning fiend came they had to adapt their own power set into something more dangerous. Then once Diana was taken, they had to be more merciless.

Shockwave after shockwave felt broke their bones. It was like a normal human fell into the water for 9,743 feet in the air. For them it was worse. Aquina turned her back to them, not listening to their agony. They were only canon fodder. She formed her Trident and looked at the rest of the fiends.

"More for me."

The monster fell back as icicle penetrated his face. Blizzara had her hand out. Three monster came up from behind and tried to slice her, only for the girl dodge it by jumping in the air.


She spread her arms apart as dust started to gather around her. They formed into icicles and shot forward penetrating their skin. They fell back dead and in pain. She looked back at the beast squirming from the pain he was getting. If her parents knew about this, they would be heartbroken by how she fought.

This was a battle.

It could be a war

Tina was in danger

They had to make everything count and lessen each and every opposition from obtaining their goal.

To be continued

Next Chapter: A struggle on all sides.