So Much and So Little

So much love for this man:
More pricking a needle to my heart
Than first happy fairytale;
I must always be on guard of my posture and eyes

I'm sure he knows anyway,
But I don't want to risk my heart
To a man who believes me to be nothing
But the grime on his polished shoes.

My heart shivers for this man
My very hands tremble when he speaks
Or regards me as a person in any way -
One glance and I would shatter.

Why am I so weak around this man?
I feel so useless to him,
But I can't stay away from the inevitable:
I have so much love for him it hurts.

This is no happy ever after,
But more a fly in a venus trap
Ensnared by that manipulative smirk, that cunning indifference,
And those proud golden eyes I see now as precious;

He will always haunt my dreams
And forever lurk in my mind;
When I'm frightened in any way he's there
I only have to imagine him by my side and I am safe.

If only he'd feel the same,
I would gladly share my very soul.