After a poem
What he's said
Is somehow, somehow
Stuck in my head
Describing all things
That make up me
Across each letter
A poem- certainly!
I may tie his heart
Because of who I am
The things I say
His words "I am"
Cupid done his spell
Aphrodite praise to joy
God feasts once again
for this love stricken boy!

His mind clouds
His heart leaps
his thoughts trail
Of me in sleep
nothing can stop him
From holding inside
The aching feeling
Of what I hide
I still have not said
What I should say
I still remain
Confused in a way


I don't know what
I don't know why
I don't understand
I don't want to lie


So I hope he waits
And understands
The thoughts I keep
My feelings at hand
Let him not be fooled
I do love him as a friend
May God forever bless him
Of whatever fate in the end!