Love and Greed

One day we were celebrating our reunion,

And the next day you were gone,

Left me in this ruthless world alone,

To perform the affect of to slice an onion.


We lived in two parts of the sphere,

But our souls tied to the same place called 'home',

It was our castle and our Dome,

With happiness and affection in the atmosphere.


Never in my life had I felt this empty, this bare,

Where love no longer matters as much as it did,

The precious emotion has a price that cannot bid,

Your absence had destroyed my ability to love or care.


Memories might have faded from time to time,

Though we knew our hearts would never forget,

The days we'd collaborate till the sun set,

And our discussions on how to make poems rhyme.


We never used our mouths to induce,

Instead our hearts comprehend our needs,

Because deep in us there were the love seeds,

They grew in our spirits and then reproduce.


If only our love could conquer our fate,

Because I'd sacrifice all to have you back,

I'd stop crying and stuffing myself with snacks,

I could've done so much but now it was too late.


When we used to assemble; it felt like eternality,

Now that special bond had been broken,

When our scarce of time together had been taken,

Remained with satirical feuds over what they call 'loyalty'.


They cared nothing but naming names,

And honor themselves with praises,

In the sanatorium showed up some new faces,

They had a lot to say and many to blame.


I stared at them with mockery and grievance,

How could they charge when you had just gone,

They 'are' your favorites now when you said none,

Slowly, their poisoned finger had digged into your insurance.