The more I play

The numbness takes over

Just a simple girl

Wanting to be loved

I don't know who I am

I cannot cry these tears

I'm sick of my self

Yet I stay how I am

You would ask questions

Why does she do it?

You cut your wrists

I give them mine

To some I'm called a player

To others a slut

But really I'm hurting

Just another victim

I used to be like you

Everything was precious

But once the silk unravels

You're left with just string

Sometimes I think about it

For who never has?

But I still belong here

I don't need my wings yet

All I ask of you

Don't judge by what you see

For I used to be like you

I just wanted to be loved

And true it may be out there

But now I am to scarred

You say to let go of the past

But my past is my future

I play this game

By the roll of a dice

It's a dangerous habit

For next could be my life

By Siobhan

Date: 16/March/2005