Far Away

Looking from the bus stop

That is taking me away

I think about my future

And my past

I have lived here all my life

Except for some occasions

But it did not really matter

I hated both places

I hated the people

I met everyday

The losers, the jerks

The freaks

They called me the same

And I did not like it

But I am leaving right now

With my back to it's landscape

Still, I remember

This place I have called home

Had been wonderful and kind

But it was always a hellhole

I met death twice

In this terrible place

I had my fights and lovers

I did not like either

Mistakes were natural

When I lived here

I always made them

With lots of regrets

People hated me

And wouldn't accept me

I grew to not care, however,

About what they thought of me

But that is why

My friends

Became ashamed of me

Not to mention my family

No, matter what I did

I was always wrong

Other people have power

Never people like me

I was considered lowly

Inferior, and disgusting

I hated how it felt

To actually realize it

I became depressed

And that made

Even more people

Hate my very existence

I was annoying




According to them

I did not matter

I lived with that pain

For years

So this place I am leaving

Holds nothing but pain

I have no love for it

No caring emotion

I stare into the horizon

And see those people staring

My family, my friends

They want me to come back

But it is too late for that

They do not matter any more

In my life or in my memories

They are nothing to me

Climbing on the bus

One last time

I look around

With disdain

Goodbye cruel place

That treated me so terribly

I turn my back on you


So here I am

Sitting on a bus

That is cold and metallic

No emotion whatsoever

I turn to watch the scenery

Fade out from my existence

Brushing away my happy tears

With the back of hand

I raise it like a salute

And suck in a breath

I never liked this place

So, I am waving goodbye