John Brown

1800 - 1859

Who was Captain Brown?

The man who waved the bible

His white beard flashing silver

Standing straight like Zeus, himself

Was he the man that shouted

Encouragement to the men he gathered

For the ill-fated battle at Harpers Ferry

On October 16, 1859

Did he know what would happen?

That tragic and awful day

That within 36 hours

Most of his men would die

Could he have realized he would be captured?

Then taken to Charlestown

Tried and convicted

And sentenced to death

Is he the brave captain?

Who heard his fatal punishment

Then turned to the crowd with a smile

And began with "I believe,

To have interfered

As I have done

In behalf of His despised poor,

Was not wrong but right"

"And if it were deemed necessary

That I should forfeit my life

For the furtherance

Of the ends of justice,"

"In addition,

To mingle my blood further

With the blood of my children

And with the blood of millions,"

"In this slave country

Whose rights are disregarded

By wicked, cruel

And unjust enactments"

"I submit, so let it be done."

And did he really bow his head?

Then turned his back to be led

To the fate that he had been promised

Did he know he would stand?

On the platform of a tragic fate

And believe what he did was right

And would not care of how he would suffer?

Yes, I believe he did

This man called Captain Brown

Who was and will always be

The man who accomplished those things

And though he lost the battle

Of the war that would start later on

He bravely met his death

And was hung on December 2, 1859