My Special Place

Another night has come

In the depths of September

To whisk me off in my dad's car

To see my place again

It's made of brick

And is always cold

The outside never shines

Because there is never day

The wind always blows

Around my body

Swirling into my clothes and hair

Welcoming me to heaven

And my father's car

Always stops at the gate

Dad bids me farewell with a kiss

"I'll pick you up at 9" he yells

And then I turn my head

To look as this brick building

Happy that I have come

And wish I could always stay

I walk through the steel doors

With the handicapped buttons

It marks the ending of a world

And a beginning to a better one

I go to the double doors

That show a great big room

With wooden floors and stone walls

And a projector in the middle

I see all my friends

In their special chairs

Some moving to greet me

And others just smiling

They jump up and hug me

While I flatter them all

With my never ending jokes

And my spontaneous personality

We sit and we talk

About accommodations

And schools

And how we've fared so far

Then I move around

And say hi to the new ones

Who grace us with their presence

And help us with their hope

They introduce themselves

While I walk around

And often ask me to sit down

I guess I'm really popular

We all laugh as we compare

Our disabilities and hobbies

I love the feeling I get from this

I'm not alone anymore

Then Ms. Webster

Gets up and lectures

About the brand new year ahead of us

And what we can do to help it

Her voice rings loud and honorable

Like a veteran of a war

A person who has been through it all

And is here to tell the tale

No dares to move

We love to hear her talk

Shushing people who do

And sitting there in rapture

We break for snacks and candies

While I get myself a coke

And mosey over to Ms. Webster

To show how well I've done

I love it when I'm with her

She gives such wonderful advice

I used to think we were rivals

But now I worship her

After snacks we talk

About speeches and suggestions

Mine is always to make jokes

It never, ever fails

We hear old veterans speak

About what they have already written

And read aloud so many times

But still sound proud and admirable

Sometimes I go up there

Desperate for attention

I love to be the star

But I've changed a little bit

Then we hear the new ones

Speak and get some pointers

The deaf kids do really well

They mostly steal the show

But the others with the blindness

Speech impediment and wheelchairs

Speak loud and proud like Gods

And smile like blessed angels

They all show that they have conquered

Their problems and depressions

There still might be a few

But when I watch them there is none

When we leave I always cry

In my heart and in my head

I won't see my friends again

Until two weeks have passed

So I leave my special place

Vowing to return

And feel my heart go free

Because I have come home at last