Wash Me Clean

The rain

It drenches me,

Washing me soul

Cleaning my sanity;

Is it drizzling?

Is it pouring?

Doesn't matter now

I am numb inside.

Wash then away

O heavenly tears

Of my hurts and my pains;

Erase them from me

This awful memory

Let me forget

This reality

It is killing me.

But laying prone

Amid a pool of blood-

Your blood

The perfect crimson red

Your eyes staring at me

Your mouth gasping for life

All the while not expecting

The traitor beside you.

The taste of your kisses

The sounds of your laughter

Engraved in my mind

Haunting me forever;

That look of love

Freely you show me

On every ardent nights

It's too hard to bear.

My head upturned

Kneeling by you:

The colour of betrayal

Staining my hands.

I am the traitor

Befriending you

The unsuspecting victim

The unreplaceable lover.