Chapter 14 – In Conclusion

So everything turned out right.

School got out about a month afterwards. Of course, all my friends got together over the summer to chat it up, probably once every two weeks, or more often if we could find the time. Of course, Brigitte was always there with a book on hand, just in case conversations started to lag.

Janet and Oliver remained happily together for a rather long time, not that there was every any doubt that they would. Janet Gunn has a certain ring to it, don't you think? (Hee hee, just my own personal musings. But you never know.)

Kira and Andrew also stayed together. She was even invited to Vanessa Hilliard's Sweet Sixteen, where he abandoned Vanessa after the opening two numbers to dance the night away with his girlfriend. I'm sure Vanessa didn't mind. After all, there's no stopping Kira and Andrew when they get started. I should know.

Lizzie and Chad? Not officially an item yet, but I know that Chad got her number. I found out when Lizzie called to ask me to analyze the situation for her. I assured her that yes, it was definitely a good thing. I think Chad agreed.

I ended up giving Trevor Vanessa's number. She was only not speaking with me for a week over that. I can't wait to see what happens next year when he comes to Pierce Academy. I'm pretty sure she can't wait either (though she'll never admit it).

As for Mark and me? It became, as Lizzie put it, "official." I even got to attend his graduation from Pierce Academy at the end of May. He had been planning to go to a college in town, so we can see each other whenever we want next year, when I'm a junior and he's a college freshman. My parents' ground rules for any sort of dating consist of, "Be back early," and, "Have a good time, honey!"

There are two types of girls in the world: those who look beautiful when they cry, and those who don't. And there's one type of perfect guy in this world: the guy who doesn't care which one his girl is.

I think I found mine.


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Production Notes (that's what I'm calling my last author's note for this story - sniff!):

And so the curtain falls on this story that I spent so much time and notebook paper on. Seriously, I have an entire three-ringed green binder full.

If you were confused during Chapter 13 with all the entrances and exits and comings and goings and dialogue, I tell you this: RENT AND WATCH ARSENIC AND OLD LACE! It is the best movie in the world. There are significant differences between the movie and the play, but you'll get the play more if you see the movie. All the dialogue in this story is from the script, all of which in the last three chapters I remembered off the top of my head since I was on the road and I didn't have the script with me.

This story was partially based on true events, and every character was at least loosely based on a real person. The reality? Let's see...well, for starters, my school did Arsenic and Old Lace, and I was Elaine. Guy-Mark-is-based-on-very-loosely (I'll call him Mark for now) was our original Mortimer, but then he and his brother, aka Chad, really did quit. They didn't come back. Travis Crayton was Mortimer. We didn't have to actually kiss. (Phew. He was really short!) Kira played Chad's part only we switched his/her/its gender. Ms. Malek is really leaving, but not to Wyoming. Mrs. Rico-Matney, is you remember her, is leaving too. And all the other romance things? Never happend. (Hee hee. I had to be creative somehow...)

This story is dedicated to all my friends who let me white them in, and to Desi and Cassie:-), who gave me constant feedback but who haven't read the last two chapters yet. Oh, and to my friend currently known as Brigitte. She let me make her not talk at all on the condition that she'd be in every chapter with a book. (I did it, Melissa! You said I couldn't! HA!) And to my friend known to you all as Victoria. Yes, she really is that opinionated, but not half as mean! (Thanks for letting me make you slightly evil, Becca!)

Thanks to desi, Cassie:-), and Janet, my friends in real life who have reviewed this story. But thanks almost even more to my non-real-life reviewers: DREAMER12391, Fox Kit, kazahana, Smittened by Marauders, Harmonized, Mirei, TaurusGirl7, pinewarrior, smarty-pants-666, Myriadragon, Tori, Lainex, roxy-babe912, and krirobe. You're even more special because you didn't know how it was going to end!

Sequel? Probable. Time frame? Sometime in the distant future. Keep an eye out for it! I might write one-shot blurbs about their summer or whatnot, but don't expect another full-blown sequel until I have another script to work with. And my undying gratitude to those who read the whole story all the way through. Until next time, S-17-Drama-Queen