One Year Later

She rushed into the house and threw her purse on the kitchen table. Jeannie barely made it to the bathroom when she puked again. She'd been puking for days now, every morning, every time she even thought about food or painkillers. She was a vomiting machine. She smiled at herself and rubbed her stomach. She knew why she was vomiting, and she couldn't wait to tell Ken the reason.

He really did complete her life in that one year that they'd been married and living together. Every time she was down, he was there to pick her up. Every time she was happy, he was there to share her joy.

It also helped that both of their families truly got alone. Her mother and Ken's mother became best friends instantly. They were so close, they opened up a business together. They were both wedding planners.

Ken's brother James, the priest, moved to Los Vegas and started working in the same wedding chapel where she and Ken got married. He had said he wanted to marry people who were truly destined to be together.

Neal and Ken's sister Alisa dated for a few months, but he wasn't able to handle her profession and the relationship ended when Alisa got pregnant with a client's child. Only Jeannie knew the truth, it was Neal's kid, but Alisa didn't want him so she lied about the child's paternity.

But their families and friends weren't the only thing that changed. Jeannie and Ken's lives changed too. Ken left the newspaper photography job and got a job taking promotional photos of celebrities. Needless to say, they moved to Los Angeles.

Jeannie too had left the newspaper and got a job in television journalism. She was now an investigative reporter for a Los Angeles television news channel.

Of course, their relationship was not without drama, but she chose to forget the bad things. Mainly because Ken pulled her though and made her know that she was never alone. He didn't let her be alone. He picked up the pieces whenever she felt broken.

And now, after a year full of changes and chances, Jeannie rubbed her stomach and knew that someone was there, inside of her.

"Are you okay in there," Ken asked and knocked on the bathroom door.

"Yeah," she said and brushed her teeth. When she opened the door, he was leaning against a wall with his photo camera in hand. "Home from work early?"

"Yeah," he said and put the camera aside, directing all his attention on her. "Angelina Jolie canceled her photography session. One of her kids had to be taken to the hospital."

She smiled at the mention of a child, even if it wasn't her own, because she knew she was about to have a child of her own. Jeannie wanted to tell him then, at that moment, that she was pregnant, but it wasn't time. It wasn't the right time. She had another idea of how she was going to tell him.

"Anyway," he said and glanced at her lovingly. "I just got home to see how you're feeling. You've been sick for a few weeks now." He put a hand on her forehead. "If that stomach virus doesn't go away I'll force you to the doctors office."

"I'm not going to the doctors," she said matter of factly.

"You've always been stubborn." He stood and walked to the large window behind him. The sun shined in and he glowed in it. He glowed and sparkled, just like her love for him. "I have to go back to work soon, Brad Pitt has a photo session today."

"I think he's gonna freak out having a look-a-like photographer to himself."

"I don't look exactly like him."

"Yeah you do." She stood and walked to the kitchen. "Anyway, go to work and come back soon. And don't forget to buy me a gift, it's our one year wedding anniversary."

He kissed her forehead before walking to the door. "Why do you always remind me that?"

"Because I don't trust a man's memory when it comes to important dates."

He chuckled. "I already have the gift." Ken walked out the door and she was alone in the house.

But she didn't feel alone. She felt complete. Jeannie rubbed her stomach again and said, "Daddy's going to find out today." And she could barely wait.


Ken walked into the house and held the gift bag in his hands. He couldn't wait to give it to Jeannie, and he knew she will love it. It was, after all, something she wanted for a long time.

He walked into the diningroom and felt his heart beat faster at what he saw. The table was set with a big meal, and candles were lit. Jeannie wore a long black dress with sparkles and it reminded him of the dress she wore the first time they got married.

"Hey," she said sexily and stood up. He always did love the sound that came out of her mouth.

"Hey." He walked toward her and kissed her softly. "I got you a gift." He handed her the box he was holding.

Jeannie took and set it on a chair. Ken could barely contain his laughter at the gift. He knew she was going to freak out.

Jeannie ripped at the wrapping and from the look in her eyes, he knew she was trying to figure out why the wrapping paper had holes in it.

"I don't get it," she said looking at the box with many tiny holes in it. "A toaster. It's not even new. The box is old."

She looked disappointed, Ken realized, and he wanted to kiss that frown away.

"Woof!" the box barked.

Jeannie's hands worked quickly as she opened the box and the dog jumped into her arms.

"You like it?"

"I love it, how did you know?" Her voice was full of excitement.

"You told me how you always wanted a dog when you were a child but your parents never got you one. I thought better late then never." He shrugged.

Jeannie put the dog on a chair and flew into her husband's arms. She hugged him tightly, and he returned her embrace.

When she let go of him, he glanced into her eyes.

"I have a gift for you too," she said and he saw the seriousness of her face. "But first, tell me what you want?"

"I want a child," he said and put his hands around her waist.

Jeannie put her hands together and nodded her head down just like the woman in the old sitcom 'I Dream of Jeannie'. "Your wish is my command," she said.

Ken's jaw dropped open. "You're kidding."

"Nope. I've known for a while but I didn't want to tell you until today. I wanted to surprise you."

He felt her stomach with his hand. "So you lied about the stomach virus?"

She nodded.

Ken smiled. He couldn't contain the happiness. "You know you are probably carrying three boys in there."

"I figured that out when I met your family. Everyone has three boys in their first pregnancy in your family."

He smiled and brought his forehead to hers. "I love you."

"Love you too."

He wrapped his hands around her and kissed her with all he had. She had accidentally became a Chance, but she was still chosen by destiny. She was his destiny, and he was hers. Ken was happy to learn that more Chances were on their way.

The End


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