Why does Man try to prove God's non existence when the idea of God isn't forced upon him, but merely the reality of his existence? Is man afraid of God to the point where he will think of every possible (not actually possible) way of God's non existence when the naked truth sits before him? If evolutionists believe there is no God, where did mass come from? If there is no God how did something so complex come into being? If the world was one degree hotter or colder, if the world's magnetic system didn't exist to the acuteness it does, if nearly anything at all were different, what would happen? We would ultimately cease to exist. How can learned scientists say everything was an accident, when they see the complexity of the human eye, brain, liver, and not to be forgotten his brain? If the big bang happened because of a mass of swirling gasses formed everything, where did those gasses come from? If everything was an accident, how could there be something such as reason?

When philosophers spend their lives trying to find a formula that could possibly offer a life without God, they are wasting their lives because whatever formula they invent to make God's non existence possible does not make God non existent. When they call Christians narrow minded for saying that all who don't accept Jesus as their Lord and savior will die and go to hell, they are fooling themselves. Is it not equally narrow minded to say (a proverb I made myself) -

"Anyone who is not standing on solid ground will fall until he finds it"

I am only stating the truth when I say this, and am no different from anyone who feels something solid and accounts it as such, no matter what the language says it is, solid or squishy. The fact still remains that there is absolute, but a man can be tricked if he does not read reality with realty.