Author's note: Not my best...Slightly hypocritical...Hmm...Again, not much to say. One of my friends did something and couldn't just tell me why...again...but I end up telling them don't know, this is my mixed emotions 'bout that...yea...R&R me, I'll R&R you. --Pammy--

Go Ahead

If you don't want to open up

I don't have the power to make you

And if you don't want to talk about it

I can't exactly force you

And you know, its getting a little tiring

Trying to get you to talk to me

You're the one who said the truth would set you free

So come on, say it, pull up a chair

Stop trying to be invisible, I know you're standing there

Fine, don't, but don't say I didn't ask

I tried to care, as always, you were the first task

That I tackled today, before you walked away

But hey, you want to be mysterious, that's okay

Because I'm getting a little annoyed

How you ask me to tell

Get me to spill my heart out

And can't do the same in return

Part of me is getting a little fed up

All I want is to help you, for you to open up

Supposedly I took care of a problem for you

And you said "thank you" but what you should do

Is tell me the next one, but again, it's your choice

I'm not trying to silence you, I'm asking you to raise your voice.