I Wanna Dream

I wanna go to sleep, knowing you're by my side

I wanna dream of you each night

I wanna wake up to the feeling of your arms around me

And I never wanna leave

But I know it's just a dream

I wanna feel your curious fingers touch my face

As you pull me into your welcoming embrace

I can not stop and think of what my life would be

Without you to make me me

Without you, I couldn't see who I really am

I wanna know what it feels like to be kissed by you

To be held by you

As more than just your friend

And I wanna know what it feels like to be on the brink

Of a perfect moment

And it could never end

I wanna feel your soul invade my heart and take it over

I wanna stop feeling so cold

I wanna be there to put a smile right on your face

All these emotions

I just can not place

Any more of this insanity will drive me off the edge

Into a fairy tale world, a wonderland

If only this all weren't a dream; I never want to wake

Into the hectic world, no sunsets, no sand

I wanna hold your hand, knowing everything's all right

I want to forever look into your eyes

I wanna feel your arms surround me saying "it will be okay"

But I know it will be better

For you always make my day

Any day now, I will tell you exactly how I feel

But until then, all I can do is go off of what is real

But then again, that leaves me with nothing at all

If I keep my dreams alive, then maybe, I won't have to fall

I wanna feel your body close to me as we gaze at the stars

All I ever wanted was to be with you

I wanna see your eyes just sparkling beneath the unlit sky

Knowing that I put that special shimmer in your eyes

Knowing that I'll never put that shimmer in your eyes

It's sad to say, but hey, I still have my dreams

Everything's so crazy, you and her, you and me

But only one seems like it's meant to be... you and me

I still have all my dreams

And that is all I need...

For now