Cake Topped with a Blueberry

Is love overrated?

Truly worth the heartache?

Is one day of pure heaven

Really worth a month or more

Of sheer, brutal hell?

The sleepless nights tally up

And when I do slip into slumber

The hell, oh, the nightmares that await me

You with her

Or her, or even that other girl

They go on and on

Haunt my shadow and ensnare it

All day long

The seldom dream always ends

Just before the fulfillment of the plot

The kiss

Dreamless slumber contains shades

Colors, hues

Faint over tones of jealousy

Strokes of loneliness

Splashes of truth

Swirls of possibility

Oranges, blues, purples, greens, and pinks

Mesh into one shade

One solitary shade

One emotion

One word doesn't encompass it all


It's a pinch of sorrow

In a gallon of memories

Mixed with a bowl full of doubt

And a spoonful of jealousy

Baked under the heat of awkwardness

There, the cake is done!

Spread obnoxiousness to conceal its contents

Top it all off with a lovely little blueberry

The only thing I can't hide

A tear

But this cake costs too much

You probably can't afford it

The price is hefty

Your pride would drop below average

Your reputation would change considerably

Is a mere cake

A silly girl

Really worth all that?