Better View

The sky, so perfect

So beautiful, so graceful

Even when clouds inhabit the sky

The fluffy, thundering demons

It's still so gorgeous

Magnificent, an inspiration

The sky displays

The stars so brilliant

The sun so bright

The moon so luminescent

The sky always

Always is picturesque

Never looks dull

Never appears ugly

Always takes your breath away

But the grass

Yes, the grass

You know, the thing

You don't care much about

It's just there

Even when it's most beautiful

So lush, so green

Very green

A blazing green

You don't notice it

Too many flaws for you to care

Too much difference

Too much life

Yet at the same time

Too boring for you

No, you don't notice the grass

Not at all

You never have

Ever notice how you use the grass?

You lie upon it, walk all over it

Just to get a better view of the sky

But you know

Sometimes grass can become the sky

If your world is flipped upside down