There you are.

You're hiding from me.

Just a glimpse;

Just a rustle;

And then you're impossible to see.

I'm a huntress

And I've found your tracks.

I'll chase you;

I'll find you;

You're the darkest of blacks.

You are running.

But I've got your smell.

I'm closer;

You're frightened;

And this I can tell.

I'm a huntress.

And you are the game.

You're slow now;

You're weak now;

I'll leave you with shame.

I see you.

But you think that I do not.

You're hopeless;

You're done for;

Soon you'll be caught.

I'm a huntress.

And you cannot hide.

Your insides;

Your feelings;

I see that you've lied.

This small animal

There's not much to feed.

So I'll hunt you;

I'll kill you;

And leave you to bleed.