Where do I find my Identity?

Is it in birth, or year of the Century?

Whatever it is, it's an unfair entity, my identity.

It always tries to explain itself,

Which is the most aggravating aspect.

People are amazing creatures!

Hardly any of them have the balls to share their identity

And yet they can guarantee,

The understanding and falsifiability,

Of my personality.

I was told by a man once,

That my trials and tribulations,

My strengths and weaknesses were purposeful

I was told that God would exalt me.

He told me not to read my identity,

Because it is deceitful.

He told me to strive for God's will for me

Because that was truly needful

I smile because it's an amazing Dream.

I get to explain my identity,

And everyone will not approve.

But God will exalt my humility.

Despite what other people choose…

They'll have the ability

To examine my obscenity

And understand my bravery

'To have such humility

To share his carnality

That we may benefit

From his citizenship

In a world of torment'

We must thank him