Movement I: Misanthropy

Product of my subconscious mind. This is basically all of the words running through my mind sorted into phrases. It will probably not make sense. Posted simply to please my subconscious.

i love my misanthropy. sado-masochistic angel
i want to tear out your spine and poke out your eyes.
a broken nose for intimacy. cut out your tongue to save old fashioned classic ROMANCE.
bloody is beauty.

dance - it's raining turpentine.
sores inflamed with glitter.
jesus is a porn star, s&m savior.

misanthropy merges with bloodlust to create a new kind of romance.

are magic markers really magic?
does jesus really save?

i love it when you hurt.
puncture a pulsing organ.
open you up touch your lungs.
just please don't die.

Jesus went to a masquerade ball dressed as Satan and we danced.

eyes swollen you can't see but you can feel.
feel me.

misanthropy philosophy
religion sadism

wish upon a shooting star. every shooting star is the burn out of a galaxy. a million worlds gone cold and dark and dead. every time you see a falling star a wish comes true for me. that's misanthropy.

pentagram crucifix ankh vèvè it's all the fucking same to me. i hate poetry. that's misanthropy.

paint my eyes with a sharpie that's misanthropy.

hatehatehatehate nuclear decay fuckfuckfuckfuck

nose bleeds get me off.

i don't cut myself i cut you

my misanthropy is a cherished gift
the only thing you've ever given me.

crack your head twist your spine


pseudo sadism and mild violence
don't get me off.

i wanted to be free
because it rhymes with misanthropy.

i think i'm not okay because i can't breathe
and this bloodlust is really getting to me.

fuck your fascist ways i want to eat your heart
because that's called intimacy
and i value that over misanthropy.

ha ha ha ha ha i hate everyone.

jesus you're a sadist porn star
holes through the hands never got me so fucking hot.

i'm writing you a story so you can remember me once i've gone crazy

i'm writing you a story so you can laugh at me once i've gone crazy

rot rot rot rot i want to rot. rot all day, rot away.

hot hot flaming infection radiates from glitter scarred face
i think i can't breathe, and that,
my love,
is misanthropy

lite brite fight flight fight yourself

there are no voices in your head
because you don't have a head

cyanide capsules cure me
they cure me of misanthropy.

the monster is laughing at me
and that's misanthropy.

i snapped your trachea because it tastes good
sugar coated
candy rotted
fuck you

the bunny asks what's wrong with me
i tell her it's misanthropy.

worm eaten wood
i can smile i can hide my misanthropy
but it excites me

i'm in love with misanthropy

i've never tasted cyanide
i've never danced in turpentine
and that's misanthropy.

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha i hate everyone.