A single nod,
A single word,
A single look,
All understood.

Rejection hits hard,
It strikes in her soul,
Where her heart once was,
Now lies a hole.

It hurts every time
The wind blows through
If only he cared,
If only he knew.

Hope and love
Gone in a flash,
In their place
An infinite gash

All his sweet words,
All his soft touches
Were all but a game
In his mind's spinning clutches

Once done with her,
He can move on,
But she's left behind,
Her passion now gone.

Never again will she love another,
Never again can she feel the pleasure,
Never again will anyone else see
The love she had; all that's left is debris.

She looks in the mirror
She takes out a knife
The glass shows the shattering
Of her young life

A single note,
A single tear,
A single memento,
"The end is now here."