modern monday

dirty sheets KID A 6:35AM heavy sheets heavy dirty dark room no lightbulb

bright fridge light slim fast bright bathroom clean teeth clean face

dirty clothes piss coffee cold car jazz opera New Order Mi Chiamano Mimi

student station the second to last overpass

pull out parking ticket –beep—

clothes off slippers on dirty barre tendu tendu tendu degage

clothes on coat on it smelled like sweat and attics in there

hot egg and cheese biscuit no more monster stomach blue purple chair big enough for a college student to sleep in

fall asleep unread homework a tent over my face silence silence silence

but short beeping cell phone/glorified alarm clock 11:05AM coat water bottle coffee cup trash giant book bag gather my shit stumble out it smelled like nothing in there

it looked like girls with bad highlights talking too loud on cell phones

cold city windtunnel street just get to the car just get to the car cold car

wait wait wait pay drive drive drive parking ticket new lot –beep—

new old building built riot proof like a prison stairs stairs stairs potty water fountain seat tapping foot tapping waiting tapping waiting smells like cats and dust in here tapping waiting bladder filling

11:50AM $588 to sit till 1:00PM and write poetry professor talks blah blah blah I write write write $49 spent bringing you this chairs push out 1,2 pick up shit, 3,4 out the door, 5,6 finally go potty (too much coffee) stairs stairs stairs

good parking spot cold car wait wait wait pay drive drive drive student station until the second overpass jazz opera Smiths Faust garage door coat hook furnace up couch blanket crash

glorified alarm clock beep 3:00PM why 3:00 why indeed hang hang hang potty mope mope mope eat eat eat read read rest eyes read read coffee read read rest eyes coffee read Simpsons nap glorified alarm clock beep whateverPM heat leftovers swallow potty mope mope read hang read hang sleep