I'm blessed to have found you

God blessed me to have finally found you

my two worlds were isolated until I met you

you made my two worlds find each other and made them complete

you're the one who makes my stars and moons and sun shines so brightly

girl take me to your heart

show me where to start

let me be part of your first love

take one step at a time show me your love is mine

my heart beats forever for you

tell me how two people find each other and fall madly in love together

because it's magic when two people fall in love instantly

got to believe in magic

I am galaxy without stars

when I met you the first day

you created all these stars and solar system that has life

I feel every star burning with your love

every second I feel a new star being created

Fire within the star makes my love stronger for you

it's like we were meant for each other

you're my stars and everything that keeps me going

without you I'm nothing

without you I'm not complete

Life has a new meaning for me

the meaning of life is to make you happy and to make you feel loved.

my mission in life is to make your heart beat faster every second when your with me

my mission in life is to make you happiness level grow stronger every second of you life

my life mission is to make you to feel like your in heaven

you're my angel

you're my Love

you're my everything

I thank god every second of my life for finding you

Forever shall I make you feel loved

nothing will make me more happier by seeing you smile

forever shall I make you happy

nothing will make me more happier knowing you feel special every second of your life

forever shall I make you my angel

nothing will ever make me more happier by feeling you are the Queen

forever shall I make you my Princess

nothing will make me more happier knowing that your by my side until now for eternity

God really blessed me for giving me a gift from Above(you)

Baby you changed my life

baby you have changed my dreams

I know I have only loved you in my mind

I know there would come a time

you'll feel this feeling I have inside

You're a hopeless romantic that's what I say

falling in and out just like a school play

I'm memorizing each line

I still don't know what to say because you gave a better meaning to my life

I just don't know what to do whenever you are near

I don't know what to say my heart is flowing in tears

When you smile I can fly

Every minute every second of the day I dream of you in that most special way

I feel as if you're here beside me all the time

I'm learning to love you and I promise I always will

call it crazy but I know someday you'll feel

This feeling I have inside my heart.