by: trista groulx

It's where the light doesn't survive
It's where nothing can even live
It's nothing and everything at once
That is why I run away
So fast you can hardly see me
But I've been pushed back toward it
After being so far away
It came back to show me
Nowhere is ever really safe
And when I think it may be
It can take it away
Quick as it was given
It can be taken away
Now it's gone, really gone
He'll never understand
That it's just a part of me
Beyond why I'm taking those pills
Beyond what I can control
It has demons who come to call
It's way of reminding me it's real
Taking away any hopes and dreams
Cause sometimes I see
I see things I shouldn't see
Things no one should ever see
That's why the darkness follows me
It is not my friend!
It's my sworn enemy
But it is a part of me
Hidden deep inside
It show the other side of me
The side that is poison
The side which is not this face
The side of me the world never sees
The feelings I dare not share
That is what this place is
And it's hidden deep inside
It can only come out in the dark
It's why I fear restful sleep
It's why I dread closing my eyes
That's the only time it can escape
When my eyes are shut tight
And I'm in a restful sleep
It's still there in the light
I know, I can feel it
But I can bury it deep within then
But when I look to slumber
That's when it comes
That's when it comes
Begging for me to join it
Asking me to follow
Into the darkness
Into the unknown
I got so far away
Then you brought it all back
I know it showed itself to you
Whether you really saw it or not
It did reveal itself to you
That's why you need to run
Run away from its demons
And run from its keeper
That was all it wanted
To remind me, once again
I am doomed to be forever alone
Because it will scare them all away
Anyone I trust enough toshow the truth
It does it all the time
So that one day it can take me away
One day it will take me to its darkness
But I'm not sure of the fight I have left
Should I just let it take me?
Should I just leave it to fate?
Should I do the unthinkable?
Or let the greater power decide?
This darkness is what scares me most
Because it could be my eternity
So I need tostay away
But I know I'll never be free
I know it lives within me
Because it always has
And I think it always will
But when will someone run with me?
Run from it with me, instead of far ahead?