Light. It is the only thing I see: swirling, expending…against a backdrop of black. I watch it with curious fascination. It comes out from nothingness, but reaching beyond the infinite edges of the void it continues to travel. How far is the distance top that absolute end? Are there any ends at all? I am just a negligible dust particle compared to its greatness. It senses my presence and stirs to my direction. Instead of blocking my out from its realm, its gentle rays fall on my naked flesh, wrapping me with its tenderness. It tries to tell me things of the past that I cannot comprehend. It whispers things that will be, things that will come to pass, and things that I am forbidden to know. I am frustrated of not able to grasp the secrets reveal to me; all I understand is now. Nevertheless it directs me to its pulsating centre, like a mother calling for her child back to her embrace. So overwhelmed I am that I yield to its call and its protection. After many years of wandering I return to the selfsame place where I was born…I am home.