Something here

Spinning and swirling in the dark waters

Of the abysm in my mind

Wandering into the unknown

I trip and fall

On the sharp branches my soul

Thorns eagerly reaching out to me

Torn shards of my dress litter the ground

Something breathing nearby

I can feel its icy sting upon my neck

Am I the hunter?

Or am I the prey?

Crawling closer into the closing darkness

Lingering here in empty space

I feel as if I am not alone

The rush of adrenaline clouding my head

Blinded by the wind slapping my cold face

Here in the fatal abyss

I realize solitude is a lie

Whispers of the past surround me

Ghosts walking beside me

Something creeping closer to me

I feel sharp claws on my back

Something here

In the dark corners of my mind

I run away from the eccentrics in my brain

But I fear something following me

Cover up my tracks

Through crimson pain spilt in haste

But my efforts are wasted

Invisible hands grab and hold onto me

Here in the spinning waters of the abysm

I realize that I am the hunted