Lying on the cool grass
I gaze at the stars
The same stars you look at somewhere, during the night

I wonder what I am to you
Am I your savior?
Or am I the cause of your unpalatable anger?

I would follow you
To the edges of this earth
But must you really follow me to hell?

I hold you back
I can tell you long to be free
And to live a life that celebrates and cherishes love

Yet your lips remain locked
And your voice retains its silence
Love has blinded you from what you need

Since you will not speak
I shall, in hopes of revelation
Hoping that the blind mask shall be lifted from your eyes

I walk away
Knowing you and I will both hurt
But fate cannot be kept hidden from the world

As time passes
I will fade along with childhood infatuations
You will be rid of the curse I unjustly set upon you

One day, you will no longer be alone
The wounds I inflicted will heal
And your eyes will then search for a new love