You Were Right
by: trista groulx

I'm sorry, you were right
I wasn't listening
I'm not listening still
I'm sorry, you were right
I was seeing what I wanted to see
Hearing only what i wanted to hear
I'm sorry I pushed you away
I focused on all the wrong things
Asked all the wrong questions
So I got all the wrong answers
Then I got mad at you
When it was kind of what I wanted
I didn't forgive you for ignoring me
So I got mad for all the wrong reasons
I pushed you away
Then got mad when you ran
I'm sorry, you were right
I asked all the wrong things
And I wasn't even listening
I'm sorry, I was all wrong
Can you ever forgive me?
Please let me make it up to you
I made you want to this
Then I got mad you did just that
I'm sorry, you were right
But can you forgive me?
Like I've forgiven you
Please, I'm sorry
You were right
But I just don't want time anymore
Time ruins things for me!
I just want a second chance