Chapter 7

Kaji felt the urge sweep over her. Falling to her knees she held her hands into fist holding them tight. The child stared at her in fear shuddering at was happening.

"Go! Get far away from me I dont know if I'll have the control to protect you." Kaji said in a raspy voice, blood began to leak from her hands as her nails grew and peirsed her white skin. The child quickly retreated into a corner behind her. Kaji gritted her teeth as the child's heart beats became loader than the childs breaths. The child was breathing short quick breaths increasing it's heart rate. Kaji breathed slower trying to calm herself down.

The child's blood was half demon, would she really even try to poisen her blood with the demon's defiled blood. it was almost as poisenous as angel blood, which was too pure for the vampires body, just as demon blood was to dirty. Quickly Kaji pushed her toung into her over grown teeth. Slowly the teeth began to shrik to their regular size. Kaji breather easier, as her nails shrunk leaving the holes they had created in her hands. A voice from the door began to talk and Kaji shuttered.

"The child is still half human you know, the blood that is an unusual mixture. Half of the beloved human that God made in his image, while also half of the decietful one, the one that had caused the fall of man." Kaji heard the child begin to scream for help, instantly she turned staring at the half breed child. Suddenly Kaji felt her blood lust return. her nails lengthened and her teeth became the size of feeding. Kaji stared at Gaap who stared at her through the door while a different demon held the child tightly. Kaji felt herself fighting her mouth as it begain to open towards the child. "Just think about how long it has been since you have tasted the sweetness of the blood of a human child." Gaap said and smiled as Kaji fell to her knees. Her hands shook and Kaji felt the pain surging through her body.

"When I was younger I was bold enough to question my father on why we Vampires were forbidin to drink the blood of an inhabiter of either a angel or of a demon. My father told me because we are niether of heaven nor of hell can we drink the blood, It would niether be sweet nor bitter, but taste as if we were being burned with fire. That night I found a young demon and drank her blood. She was startled but I killed her easily enough. snapping her neck was like that of snapping a tooth pick." Kaji gave a small laugh and dug her nails into the stone.

"Even being part demon I wouldn't be able to drink this little tot's blood because it's still only half, yes it has human blood but that is why I won't drink it I made a vow that I wouldn't spill another innocent's blood until I can account for my sinful deeds that I have commited." Gaap laughed.

"A repenting vampire. now thats what I've missed in my years of ruleing here in hell's out streached land. Well now that I have found this lets go." Gaap said turning. "Oh one more thing lets have the child for a bit of sport shall we?" Gaap said and the demon quickly pulled the child with him out of the prison. Before Kaji could do a thing the door was shut and the child out.

"KAJI, KAJI, DON"T LET THEM TAKE ME!" The child screamed. Kaji watched in horror as the child was dragged after Gaap. Kaji screamed with rage and picked up the plate that had been left for meals and quickly threw it at the door. Twisting on her heel she breathed heavily feeling her nearves work up, Not even looking back to see the tray was now loged into the prison door.

"Calm down Kaji, you'll need your wits about you in order to be able to get him back." she whispered to herself.

"Could you if you tried." A voice came. Kaji gritted her teeth.

"I could, I know I could. This is child's play compared to what I've done." Kaji replied back. A laugh was heard and Kaji looked out of the corner of her eye to see mist swirl.

"Yes and that was how I was created, a farmiliar that was a part of you, your very esence. A demon, yet not. I can appear and Vanish, kill at chance, but still you made me created me to surve you.Or was it to replace you, Kaji." With the last comment a figure appeared, She was a skimpy clad woman that had a goladen tan skin tone. Her hair was blakish Red and she looked almost exactly like Kaji accept she looked more human, and was different in tones. she flexed her fingers, her nails long and sharp.

"Leave me Shadow." Kaji said in angry tone. Kaji was on the ground now on her knees carving in the stone floor with her nails that had grown slightly.

"Are you still upset with me for suducing your holy lover. being able to touch him without feeling the fury of heaven, being able to feel him, express what you " The woman said causing Kaji to freeze. Kaji clencheed her teeth once again as tears formed in her eyes. "Oh I do belive I touched a nerve there, oh I am truly sorry my Kaji dearest I hope I didnt hurt you by that, but I had to do something to get rid of him, he was making you too soft, guess I must have had a backfire."

"Shadow, I realese my seal on you, I set you free to what you were."

The woman Grabbed Kaji from behind and held her, her nails touching Kaji's neck. " What are you saying Kaji, Don't do that, your not thinking straight... You created me, you , me we are a part of each other."

" The water from my blood,"

"You don't think you can get rid of me that easy do you?" Her nail's dug slightly into Kaji's neck and blood slowly leaked from it, cold and almost lifeless.

" The hair for your shape"

"Try it I won't stop you won't be able to stop me just like you won't be able to stop them from killing that boy, that filthy half breed." Kaji became silent and felt tears building up on the rim of her eyes. The woman's mouth drew near too Kaji's neck and she bared her teeth. "Theres nothing you can do."

"And the bloods that flow through my veins that I have myself stolen." The woman screamed and Kaji pulled herself into a corner as the woman fell apart into a small pool of blood, covering Kaji with even more blood.. Kaji wiped the tears that began to fall from her cheek, and the blood that leaked from her neck. Quietly and slowly she moved to a far corner far from the door. Sitting down she lifted her knees to her chest. "A sentance that will show me my wrongs, isn't that what you said Raphel." Kaji said to herself slowly. placing her head down onto her knees. She closed her eyes as she felt more tears begining to form. Slowly she began to dream of the time before this had happened.

Kaji stared at the other vampires her mother in the middle.

"Well my child where were you during our time of wake." Kaji's mother asked her head held high.

"Watching the human's progress for their cathedral." Kaji said honestly, a grin on her face as she heard vampires's gasp.

"My child it is time for us to get to sleep why not come with me towards our chamber." Kaji smiled following her mother as the other vampires followed her mother's command retreating towards their tomb to rest during the day. Kaji watched as her mother pulled a key from her pocket after they had reached the libray.

"What is it mother, I thought we were to be going to our coffin." Kaji said with a smirk.

"Silence Kaji I know you dont sleep in the coffins I know your secret about walking about in the day. Didn't you think someone would find out? Well I have. And what do you mean you've been walking around humans' progress you know it is forbidin to metion humans beside feeding, and changing." Kaji scowled and her mother grabbed her arms. "Kaji please you need to listen to me you'll be destroyed. If humans discover you, you will be destroyed. If the vampires discover your wanderings you will be destroyed as well. If you slaughter like you have in the past heaven will take notice. Heaven can destroy you." Kaji shrugged and twisted her neck cracking it.

" I understand mother, can I go, " Kaji asked staring at her mother. Her mother looked angrily and then nodded.

"Go Kaji, go play in the sun." Kaji turned exiting the door and closed it quietly behind her. In the hall way were several vampires that were moving slower to the rooms were their coffins were.

"Well arn't you all in a rush." Kaji said sarcastically before turning down the hall way to her room. When she reached her room she suddenly relized that her clothes were bloody from the stab the angel had given her. "Bloody hell." Kaji said angrily. Shutting her door she quickly locked it and began to strip her clouths examining the scar as her naked body reflected in the mirror. Quickly she grabbed a black male shirt as well as a pair of matching breeches. The matched wonderfully on her pale skin clashing like the moon in a black sky. pulling her hair back she tied it with a ribbon before slipping through a secret passage way.

Kaji saw the demons stare at her through the door. What were they trying to do to her? Rip away her only sanity left. No that had left long ago, that had left the night that she had decided to go against all her sences, and to embrace the love of a holy being. Her Raphel. Kaje closed her eyes again and began to sleep once more of her memories.

Kaji stared at Raphel. This was a messanger that only wanted her dead. What would happen, Kaji thought, if she were to kiss him. She had tried deamon's blood before. It's contents had left a bitter taste in her mouth that Kaji had wished she could forget.

Building up courage Kaji carefully walked towards the Angel. Brushing his fallen hair out of his face the stared into his closed eyes. Then closing her eyes she leaned in close to the Angel's face and pushed her lips softly onto hers.

She pulled herself away as she felt his eyes open and quickly hid in the shadow.

"Steal a kiss and run away, such a tipical demon thing." Rapheal said. His voice held an surprised, yet amused tone in it.

"You said your sword could kill demons, yet here I am, healed of my wound and still alive. That proves that I am not a demon." The angel stared at her, then reluctently he nodded.

"So vampires and demons are not the same, but similar none the less." Kaji then began to laugh and Raphel stared a bit shocked by this.

"You could say that, but I could say that Demons and Angels are the same." Raphel Stiffend at this and looked angrily at Kaji.

Holding his temper Raphel quickly asked, "What makes you say that?"

"Demons were originally angels who fell from heaven by following Lusifer, the 'angel of light'. Wouldn't you say that Demons are angels just of a different sort?" Kaji said moving closer toward Raphel. Raphel again nodded and sighed.

"I suppose you just are to quick for me today." Kaji laughed and then pulled a small dagger from her sleeve.

"Angel I wouldn't mind leaving with you to get a punishment, but there is still somthing I want to do on this earth before I'm punished." Raphel was shocked at this and his face seemed to beg, 'What, what could be so important?'. Kaji smiled at this and looked at Raphel in his eyes, his deep beautiful icy blue eyes.

"My father used to tell me about stories of how the old vampires found a ultimite life sourse, a way to live with out blood, with out the rush, without the thrill of killing. without the need of it. There is an art of the vampire, something that many have devoted all enternity into finding, that is what I want." Kaji said and looked down walking slowly away from Raphel. "I was born vampre, from my mother's womb before she was changed, My father thought it was amazing it was I suppose. I never knew what it was like to live a life, to have a chance of dying. I grew up like this.Having one thing that other Vampires do not, I age like a human but I know even now I will never go past the youth of a teenager. Purhapse this is why no other one was made like me." Kaji looked back at Raphel. "I know you have duties to do, I know I must be punished for the crimes I commited, because I know what I did was wrong. And I as well as your God see that there is need for punishment. I only ask is that you allow me to have my freedom to do this one small request, and then I will go do what ever it is I must do to make amends for my sins." Raphel smiled at Kaji.

"Well I can't argue with that, why not." Kaji smiled seviously and swiped at the bounds that held Raphel. As they fell to the ground Kaji turned and smiled.

"Well time to get busy." Quickly she began to walk out into the sunlight with Raphel just staring at her.

"Well thats something that you don't see everyday." Then shaking his head he followed her into the daylight as his clouthes changed around him.