Chapter 8

Kaji showed Raphel everything, she showed him where the Vilegders enjoyed to talk, trade and many other things. The day was wonderful, Kaji almost forgot that Raphel was an angel, then as Kaji bought them two sweet cakes Raphel asked.

"Kaji why did you slaughter the entier city of Berlin." Kaji froze for an instant as if she had been slapped.

"I want to show you something." Kaji said and walked down a path out of the villedge. As she neared a house she moved off the path into the thick overbrush. A child sat in the dirt playing with sticks quietly. "Every day at nine o'clock This child's father tells him to complete all of his chours along with most of his father's work. If he dosen't complet all of his chours when his father comes home drunk he is beaten within an inch of his life. Horribul isn't." Kaji said and stepped out of the woods aproching the child. "Good morning Peter, did you do your chours yesterday?" Kaji asked. The boy looked up and stared at Kaji. His face was swolen and his eyes black from brusies. On his lips were cuts that were still partly open.

"Kaji, You didn't come yesterday." The boy said in a sad voice. Kaji went to her knees only a few inches away from the boy.

"I'm sorry little one, I was detained." She said softly.She embraced the boy and lifted him off his feet. She turned to Raphel and pulled the boy's shirt off his back to show Raphel the deep gashed upon gashes of deep scars and cuts on the boy's back. "Peter meet Raphel, he came to vist me this morning I think you'll like him, why don't you go introduce yourself while I see what I can do about your work today." The boy nodded and moved towards Raphel as Kaji placed him back on the ground, and moved towards the house.

"Hello, Sir, My name is Peter, Where are you from?" He asked innocently. Raphel smiled at the young boy.

"Well I suppose you could say somewhere very warm. I live in a valley that is coverd in green grass, and a stream goes through it that is as clear as snow." Raphel bending to eye level on his knees.

"Wow." The boy said with awe."Maybe I'll go there someday, Kaji said that if I try hard enough I can travel the entire world, and see all the wonders, She's done it and says I can too." The boy said. Raphel nodded.

"I'm sure you can." He said. he raised his hand and waved it in front of the boy's face. The boy smiled his face free of the cuts and bruises it had only a few seconds before. "I bet if you asked God too he'll help make it possibule for you." The boy nodded and grabbed Raphel's hand.

"I want to show you something, but yo can't tell Kaji." The boy said softly. "Promise?" The boy asked. Raphel nodded. Peter pulled Raphel to his feet and toward the house where Kaji had walked into. Very softly Peter went to a window and peaked into it, Raphel followed his exsample and stared inside of the small house. It was a one room house with a second story, The room had a table in the center, with a small fire pit on the far side. a small basin and pitcher that held the water was on the table. There was a small cabinate and chairs in the room, but beyond that the room was bare. Kaji stood there sweeping the floor. Raphel heard her soft humming and smiled. She looked like a human girl, purely innocent. Raphel's eyes caught Kaji, and she winked at him. Raphel clenched his teeth and ducked out of the window. He had been caught. "Don't worry, she always catches me too." Peter said smiling brightly. Raphel stared at the boy.

"Does she do this alot?" He asked. The boy nodded and grabbed a hold of Raphel's hands pulling it in a direction away from the house.

"I'll show you something else too." The boy said and lead Raphel away from the house towards the woods. The boy stopped and looked up at Raphel, with a serious face. "You can't show anyone this, ever." The boy said pointing his finger at Raphel. Raphel nodded with a smile on his face.

"I don't think thats a good idea." Kaji's voice said, Raphel turned to see Kaji standing behind them. The boy scowled and stared at Kaji with a poating face.

"Why not." asked the boy. Kaji smiled and lifted the boy into her arms, with ease.

"Because, you have to go play with Apre's." Kaji said staring back at the boy with a grin. The boy's face changed to a smile and his arms flew around Kaji.

"Ok." He said and let himself down running into the woods. Kaji motioned to Raphel and the two followed the boy stopping at a clearing where the boy had a horse teathed. Untiing it he climbed onto the horse's back, and begin to ride in the clearing, Up and down, and round in circles. Kaji smiled. Her eyes were rimmed with tears. Wiping her eyes she turned to Raphel.

"Come on, I'll show you what he wanted to show you." Kaji said. She turned and paused. "Can you run on the wind?" Kaji asked. Raphel laughed.

"Why do you think Angels are good at getting at different places." Kaji turned at Raphel and smiled.

"Hope you can catch up then." She said softly, and dissapeared. Raphel, gritted his teeth and followed after her, Runing a speed of wind. THe surrondings blurred past him and he stared watching as a blur ran in front of him. Suddenly the blur stoped and grabbed Raphel causing him to lose his balance and fall completely into Kaji's arms. Kaji smiled at him and stood him up.

"Didn't think you'd be one to fall angel." Kaji said playfully. Raphel shook his head relizing why Kaji wouldn't have wanted the boy to lead him here, Human's couldn't handle the speed, it drove them literally insane.

"Angel you asked me why I slughtered that village well heres you answer." Kaji said throwing her arms in the air. Her face had a look of sadness and Raphel heard a slight tone of sarcasm in her voice. As he looked around he stared at the baren dirt ground, stones were placed all around, reminance of charred wood littered the ground. Suddenly Raphel noticed something, there were etchings on the rocks all in the same script. They were standing in a grave yard.

"No one will understand why I did this, many vampires will say that it was becasue of a blood lust. It was part of my search. I found ancient writings made by vampires who had lived in the roman time period. It said a way a vampire increased thier power was the blood they drank. There was a record of a Vampire who feasted for an entire night not having to need blood for over a year. Well I thought I would try it, but what if I used an entire village, what if I burned it to the ground, wiped it of the maps. I could drink the blood of every person in the village and never need blood. Why not, I was so foolish those years I never thought about the possibulity of the Blood lust after. I picked out a village, there was maybe 67 men, 78 woman, and 40 children. Those are numbers I will never forget. The amount of people I slaughtered." Kaji shuttered and moved towards a gravestone. "I won't forget their names either, I can name every single one, descibe there clouthing." Kaji rubbed her hand over the etchings on the stone. "I chose that night because I knew they would all be there. In the cold winter, at a christmas celebration. I killed the men first, sucking every drop from their body, the tastes were intoxicating, everyone different. Then I killed the woman, One was pregnate, 9 months, She wa last. I then killed the children." Kaji closed her eyes remebering the crys and screams of the children. "29 girls and 11 boys. I remeber their screams." Kaji turned to Raphel. Can you imagion killing all of those people and not getting what you did it for. I went into hiding for three months, not for protection, for sorrow. I didn't kill them all though. The woman's child surviveds. She could have given birth that night if I hadn't killed that village, but I did. The child lives today still, the only surviver of that night, the only one I couldn't bear to kill." Kaji fell to her knees. "I couldn't stand the months after, I relized that your powers did get more powerful, but the blood lust was impossibule. I couldn't cope. I stayed down under the earth waiting for the blood lust to subside, but it grew worse, So I stayed till I could cope without it." Kaji stood.

"Peter, he's the surviver isn't he." Raphel asked. Kaji froze, Her eyes fell to the ground.

"You certinally do see past all the bullshit don't you." Kaji mumbled under her breath. "We should get back, Peter needs to get back home." Kaji said louder and began to run on the wind.

Kaji opened her eyes and peered over her arms. There was someone here, Some one. Kaji jumped to her feet and held her hands infront of her reading herself for an attack. She stared and clenched her teeth in surprise at who stood by the door.

"Raphel." she whispered in surprise. The Angel's brown hair was pulled back into a low pony tail and his angelic robes shined and glowed.

"Hello Kaji." He said softly. Kaji felt tears come to her eyes again, she knew what was happening, was this the torment that was going to occur her. Her stomach felt weak and she felt like she would puke accept there was nothing to puke.

"Well Angel are you going to tell her or should I." Kaji's teeth clenched in anger as she heard

Gaap's voice.

"Kaji, the lord of the heaven has desided to give you a choice, you may stay here and live out your punishment and attonement for your sin, or you may do the alternative." Raphel said. Gaap laughed.

"Well tell her, tell her the alternative." Gaap said. Raphel stiffened. Kaji lowered her arms intreaged, what would be the alternative that would have a demon laughing.

"The alternative is to return to earth, serving a human, as a slave."