Secrets Unknown

Know one really knows who I am you see

I keep myself hidden, my one and only true me

I sit in my own grief

I deal with it myself

I seem to be everyone else emotion shelf

They lean on me

They cry on my shoulder

I can't seem to say "no"

I wish I were bolder

My emotions run wild

I'm always on edge

No one else seems to notice

That I'm teetering on the edge

Just go on smiling

Just laugh it up

Don't worry about me

Even though I have this pain in my gut

You cut me deep

My blood running cold

I only see white

As my body beings to double fold

I try to scream

Nothing comes out

I'm now in a crouch

My fist clenched tight

The blood runs down

I open my hand

And the razor drops to the ground

I smile a secret smile

For no one will ever know

The best kept secret

Is only your own.