"You'll Get Burned" By Cassandra Freiborg 3/17/05

I havent touched a single thing,

since I've been conscious of the world,

I was a speacial gift at birth,

now just a burden-some girl.

I have my friends,

they're always there,

but lately it seems,

I just don't care.

I keep telling myself over again,

I have to remember our times,

but one by one they slip away,

I guess I didn't see the signs.

Or maybe it wasn't them at all,

just my own apathetic style,

I guess its my own damn fault,

I never wanted to smile.

I'm not writing poetry,

for your sympathetic coos,

I'm just trying to tell you my story,

I don't know what else to do.
Because during the day,

I feel as if, I'm at an end,

for I am surrounded by my friends,

and I feel nothing for them.

So I wonder how it works this way,

the world with all its turns,

the one rule I've determined is:

"Watch out or you'll get burned."