"The End" By: Cassandra Freiborg 3/17/05

Today I walked in the rain,

and I caught a cold,

somehow you kept invading my thoughts,

why I just don't know.

I guess because rain brings back,

memories of the afternoon,

we sat outside, so very drenched,

knowing it would all end soon.

Now I know I should be grateful,

we had that time together,

but that was so long ago,

still, a clean break would have been better.

All this over some goddamned phone,

a fucking piece of plastic,

now everything seems broken,

so many problems I can't fix.

You're always around though,

like you want me to suffer,

and it pisses me off to look at you,

I think I need some kind of buffer.

Because one day I'm gonna snap,

and do something I'll regret,

hug you, punch you, kiss you, kill you,

just what I'm not sure yet.

So stay the hell away from me,

give me time to heal,

because you can't know someone for five years,

and not expect to feel.

You were like my brother,

my 'best guy friend',

but I guess as they always say,

good things must come to an end.