because you are here.

today like always the same

it'sn't my day

in the high school so many homeworks

and so few real friends

I don't understand to my teachers

then I stay sleppin' in my daydream

thinkin' 'bout the boy that I like

it's a headache

I feel I'm goin' to ill

while the world goes by.

I know I'm not in a fairy tale

the life is a hard journey

since when I was 6 years old I had dreams

I want to be free but free?

it's simple actually I'm not in nowhere

I hide in my room and just cry

I scream; I need somebody!

then you appear here

if the storm pushs away my home

it doesn't matter to me

because you are here.

my boyfriend doesn't really love me

he can't remember my name

I think my friends talks bad things 'bout me in my back

my mom is bitter

I'm not the good girl that my dad wants

then I stay sleppin' in my daydream

thinkin' 'bout the life that I'd like

it's a headache

when I don't know what I must do

while the world goes by.

when my mind begins to be a curse

I seek for you, you are my friend

you are my hero

thank you for savin' me from my bad moments

you can be sure I'll try to be your best friend

I just can't trust in somebody but you.