The Daemonic Event

This is a single recording of an event that stirred a small village. This village was in the province of Kyrinnia. It's a mountainous region and Levvy, this small village, used to rest just below the snowcaps of one of the tallest peaks. This village can no longer be found there; the inhabitants have all moved on. Well at least the ones that could still move on. Some of the inhabitants, well lets just say, didn't last in this physical realm.

It was a blazing day in the small village of Levvy when out of nowhere came a single, beautiful woman. She was 5 feet 6 inches in height, and no more than 125lbs. she was dressed in travellers garments, but they were unusually clean. Under these garments her Jade eyes shown darkly and her auburn locks fell casually around her features. She walked into town with a dark air about her and headed straight for the church.

She arrived at the church and immediately began to flush. Her hair was blowing in a phantom breeze and suddenly a prismatic wall was raised around the church. The Acolytes attempted to run through the wall but immediately incinerated as they contacted the red barrier. The unfortunate ones to hit the yellow wall twitched in horrific spasms as energy arced between the few that that just missed the red wall. It was at this point that the few survivors made no more attempts to breakthrough the wall.

The daemon then placed a single barrier and deflection wall upon the outskirts of the village. The few that were caught in the placement of the walls immediately fell to the ground, but in two separate places, the bodies were split and held no chance at survival. There were a few that managed to luck out with only limbs being caught, but they still fell in pain. This is the act that sealed the doom of the common folk that lived there.

The daemon revealed her identity. "I am the daemon of Hades that caused the fall of the Roman Empire. I am the Dark Chyld of our lord Lucifer. I am Daemionette" boomed the voice of the daemon. It was in a tone that caused the fall of most of the structures of Levvy. The commoners unfortunate enough to be caught in the fall were never seen again. Their screams were heard muffled through the rubble. That is the last they were heard.

As she was revealing in her sadistic pleasures the church was organizing it's own counter-strike. As the daemon was torturing the innocent folk of the village, the priest in the church was channelling the arcane powers of the Lord into a single blast. This blast would be the one to change the course of the demonic future.

The Energy was building up and the wall was being disrupted, it was beginning to fall apart and dissipate. The colours began to blend and fall as crystals. The energy began to grow at an exponential rate, and as it grew you could smell the fear growing inside the cold shapeless void of Daemionettes emotions. Then suddenly it was painfully bright.

The light engulfed the entirety of the mountain range. All the bodies were burnt away save for those pure of heart and with just intentions in life. These were the only survivors and as for the ones that sustained injury, some were sadly lost in the passing of time shortly after their ordeal. They couldn't bare the reality of there life and took their own life as quickly as a coward runs from a drawn sword. There were a select few that made it. It were these few that had to relate the story, and all I'm telling you is all I was told; nothing more and nothing less.